About Modern Wedding Ideas

Hello there. Here's where you'll take a behind the scenes look and find out about Modern Wedding Ideas.

I love weddings. Who doesn't? But what I really like about weddings is seeing something different. Something personal. Something unique.

All too often I get deja vu when I'm at a wedding - it's the same old, same old stuff. Big puffy dress, hotel or stately home reception and a big Rolls Royce - it's like an identikit wedding. It's not what I did at my wedding and it's not what Modern Wedding Ideas is all about.

I'm not here to show how to get married or tell you how to get married. I'm not here to show the latest collections or fashions.I'm not here to show you the latest pretty weddings either.

I will try my best to find things that are different and show you how other couples have done it differently. I'd like to help you think differently about your wedding and give you wedding ideas and inspiration that is a little left of centre.

When I got married, there wasn't the wealth of information around, heck, Style Me Pretty was only just getting going. Photographers were pretty much all the same (apart from price) and there was a lack of artistic license and sense of humour in wedding photography.

With the massive influx of wedding blogs over the last few years, alternative weddings, fun photography and new modern approach to weddings has opened up a new breed of weddings that focus on individuality and uniqueness. It's fantastic to see and with all this inspiration around, things can only get better.

A Bit About Wedding Photography

I work with a number of different photographers, both in the UK and the US, to bring you quirky, different and fun weddings. Whether it is the couple's wedding theme, her wedding dress, the details, the venue or the photographic style that shines, there will be something about each of the weddings that hit a mark with me, and hopefully you too.

All the real weddings shown on Modern Wedding Ideas have been captured by professional wedding photographers. They're stylistic shots that capture the day and provide a snapshot in time for the couple. They're also a wealth of inspiration for us wedding folks. Without the professionals, a little blog like this wouldn't be that great, so thanks guys and gals. If you're a photographer and you'd like me to showcase to your work, then let's chat.

All the images on Modern Wedding Ideas have been used with the permission of the copyright owner, so be a darling and respect that.

Advertising and Modern Wedding Ideas

I do this full time, that is, write and blog. It's fun, I work at home in my spare room, it's completely flexible and I get to spend lots of time with my family.

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I make money from Google Adsense mainly, which you can see on all content pages towards the top and bottom of the page.

So I hope you know a little more about Modern Wedding Ideas and my approach with this website. I'm more than happy to collaborate with other wedding websites and blogs. I'd love to hear about your weddings or see your wedding photographs. So if you'd like to get in touch or ask me any questions, then just contact me.


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