Best Wedding Songs Ever
Listen to Hundreds of Wedding Songs Create Your Unique Wedding Playlist

Your best wedding songs are one of the most important things to research before your big day. Music has a such a major impact in setting the mood and tone for each event.

Browse through hundreds of wedding songs and create your unique wedding music playlist. Choose a topic below - from the harmonious music of the ceremony to the memory-making reception. 

Best Wedding Songs
Start With Ceremony Songs

Prelude Songs

Music played as guests are being seated before the ceremony begins

Interlude Songs

Music played during a transitional period, such as lighting the unity candle

Processional Songs

Processional Songs Music played when the family, attendants, and bride walk down the aisle

Recessional Songs

Music played as the wedding party exits back down the aisle in celebratory fashion

Reception Songs

Grand Entrance Songs

Music played as the bride and groom are introduced in the reception hall

Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Music played as the bride and her father take the dance floor

First Dance Songs

Music played when the bride and groom share their first dance

Mother Son Wedding Songs

Music played and the groom and his mother take the dance floor

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Wedding Prelude Songs 

Lyrics, Music Videos, and More Your best wedding songs.The prelude will be playing before the actual ceremony begins. The goal here is to welcome guests with relaxing, harmonious music as they are being seated...

Wedding Processional Songs

Your wedding processional songs will play as you officially start the ceremony. This is the time when the wedding party enters and “walks down the aisle”...

Wedding Interlude Songs

Your wedding interlude songs will be playing during the lighting of the unity candle, the rose presentation, or any other type of special transitional period you may have during your ceremony...

Mother Son Wedding Songs

Each family is unique, which makes every mother-son dance song unique as well. Many times lyrics are important for this dance, but some like something a little more rhythmic...

Christian Rock Wedding Songs

As more mainstream churches are adding Christian rock music during Sunday mass, more people are listening to it recreational, and want it added into their wedding music segments...

Country Wedding Songs

Country love songs are perfect for weddings and upbeat country music is great for getting parties going. The lyrics can be meaningful and poetic, or just plain fun...

Disney Wedding Songs

People are opting for themed weddings more than ever – and the Disney theme is one of the most popular. Disney has no shortage of love songs to pick from as they've been making hit after hit...

Wedding Recessional Songs

Your wedding recessional songs will play as the wedding party, including the bride and groom, walk back down the aisle and exit in celebratory fashion. ..

Grand Entrance Wedding Songs

Your Grand Entrance wedding songs will play when the bride and groom make their first appearance in the reception hall. The music you pick here will set the tone and theme of the night to come...

First Dance Wedding Songs

The first dance from your best wedding songs list, will likely play shortly after the introduction of the bride and groom to the reception venue. First dance music is typically associated with slow-paced love songs...

Father Daughter Wedding Songs

I’ve seen the most people cry during the father daughter dance. This is an important time for the bride and her dad – picking the right song should take some real thought...

90s Wedding Songs

The ‘90s brought us literally hundreds of unforgettable love songs that people still incorporate into their wedding playlists. So many, in fact, that it deserves its own wedding music category!..

Classic Rock Wedding Songs

Pick your favorite classic rock wedding songs for your big day. The Golden Age of rock, which includes artists such as Aerosmith, ZZ Top and The Rolling Stones offer a wide variety of lyrical options...

Wedding Love Songs

Best of Rock, Country, Pop and Soul Love songs, of any genre, is the staple music of most weddings. These types of songs lend melodies good for softening the mood of your guests and the lyrical poetry...

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