Test drive your bridal hair!

View all  these Wedding Hairstyles to help you decide on your bridal hair for the Big Day!

Then sign-up for 3 Month Membership at TheHairStyler.com and try them out on your own photos!

It's such fun and you'll learn a lot about what suits you and what doesn't!

For Great Bridal Hair Try Out As Many Wedding Updos As Possible

Try out Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair  as well as different ideas for your bridal hair if you want it wavy or straight.

You can try on makeup too, including foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyelashes, eyeliner, lipstick and lip liner in 100’s of cool, warm and neutral makeup shades

It only costs $14.95 (around £10 - pay with Paypal or credit card) to subscribe for a whole 3 months and it's great fun. You can also upload as many photos as you want - so your groom, bridesmaids, mum etc. can all have a go as well for the one price.

Of course you can try lots of other hairstyles as well, including the same styles as lots of famous celebrities.

You can find out exactly which styles suit you and then take the results to your hairdresser so that they can create it for you.

Have fun!

  • Try on 1000s of hairstyles, 50 colors and 35 highlights with your own uploaded photo.
  • Upload unlimited photos of yourself.
  • Find your perfect hairstyle with our professional hairstyle consultation.
  • Print your makeovers or email them to your friends.
  • Add your makeovers to Facebook to receive votes and comments.
  • Instant access - no recurring fees.

I'm not the only one who thinks the site is terrific . . .

"Your site is absolutely fabulous! I have chosen a hairstyle and am waiting for the appointment! I can't thank you enough. Even the tips on styling are making a huge difference to the appearance of my hair. Many, many thanks."   Anna - UK

"I think your website is great. It really opened my eyes to what hairstyles I should have and the ones I shouldn't!"   Vicki - USA

Stress Management 4 Women

Start Your To Do List;

Trust me, when I say this is a daily thing to do. Have a large A4 book or diary, and when you have a thought , an idea, a name that pops in your head, or you hear on the TV, write it down.

I mean WRITE it down. Some times random thoughts are not visible on your Iphone and can get lost forever.

As the months go by, your pages will be full of great stuff, (and some not so great!) but who cares, they are yours. So enjoy the build up to your wedding day. Lots of deep breaths and certainly no stress, so enjoy the build up as much as the day.