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As more mainstream churches are adding Christian rock wedding songs and music during Sunday mass, more people are listening to it recreation ally and want it added into their wedding music segments. The Christian rock genre is different than Christian worship music, though it may be hard to distinguish the two.

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Top Christian Rock Wedding Songs

Your Love Never Fails
Artist: Newsboys
Genre: Christian Rock, Pop Rock, R&B
Release: 2011

From the #1 2011 album "God's Not Dead", the Newsboys sing about how God's love never fails. While the lyrics don't proclaim love for a significant other, they match perfectly for Christian-themed wedding-goers who want upbeat tempo music.

Wedding Day
Artist: Casting Crowns
Genre: Pop Rock, Rock, Worship
Release: 2011

The lyrics aren't what you would think as they are not directly referring to a typical wedding - rather referring to the wedding with God. This song has a nice, slower melody and is well received by many.

Here We Stand
Artist: T Carter Music
Genre: Christian, Rock, Worship

T Carter Music specializes in wedding music (but not exclusively), so the lyrics match up perfectly. The song apparently was made specifically for the unity candle segment of the ceremony, but I think it would go great with just about anything.

Candle Light
Artist: Relient K
Genre: Alternative Rock, Christian
Release: 2009

Relient K sing about the admiration of a beautiful girl who makes all others pale in comparison near the Candle Light. An upbeat, alternative rock song that would fit well in a reception, prelude or recessional.

Whispers In The Dark
Artist: Skillet
Genre: Alternative Metal, Christian Metal, Industrial Metal
Release: 2006

An alternative metal song where the increasingly popular band "Skillet" sings about how he will be his significant other's safety and comfort from "the dark". This is a good song for someone looking for an alternative hard-rock song for a reception segment or dance music.

When God Made You
Artist: NewSong
Genre: Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock, Gospel
Release: 2004

"When God made you, he must have been thinking about me". Singing about the perfect connection between two people - this is a very popular wedding song for good reason. The tone and lyrics just "fit" for many ceremonies.

Reign Down On Me
Artist: T Carter Music
Genre: Christian Rock, Worship

A good up-tempo song that fits well with a Christian rock-themed segment...even though not specifically made for such. Tony Carter sings about how God's love and grace shines down on him and sets him free.

Wedding Songs > Christian Rock Wedding Songs

Learning To Be The Light
Artist: NewWorldSon
Genre: Soul Music, Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock
Release: 2012

A song about someone new to religious faith. Lyrics are not related to weddings, but as far as filling up your Christian music playlist, this one has a very nice melody that's pleasing to the ears. A great dance song or filler for a wedding segment.

The Last Song
Artist: Thousand Foot Crutch
Genre: Christian, Christian Gospel, Rock, Hard Rock
Release: 2009

Remembering the good times starting out as a band, Thousand Foot Crutch sings about The Last Song that will fit well for an upbeat rock segment.

Yours To Hold
Artist: Skillet
Genre: Alternative Metal, Christian Metal
Release: 2006

A slower tempo rock song, Yours To Hold is one of Skillet's more popular tracks. The beat of this song would work well for a dance segment.

So In Love
Artist: Jeremy Camp
Genre: Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock
Release: 2009

Jeremy Camp sings a worship/Christian rock song about his love for God. While the lyrics aren't about the physical relationship with another, they would still work well for the ceremony or reception.

Artist: Switchfoot
Genre: Alternative Rock, Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock
Release: 2002

One of two Switchfoot songs from the "A Walk To Remember" soundtrack, Switchfoot sings a slower tempo rock song about God, but it's still a popular love song.

I Dare You To Move
Artist: Switchfoot
Genre: Alternative Rock, Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock
Release: 2002

Don't let society dictate who you are, live your life to the fullest and just be "You". I Dare You To Move is song #2 on the "A Walk To Remember" soundtrack included in this list.

Father-Daughter / Mother-Son Christian Rock Songs

Wedding Songs > Christian Rock Wedding Songs

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman
Genre: Contemporary Christian
Release: 2007

Steven is reminiscing the time when his daughters were young and danced in their Cinderella dresses - which eventually evolves into his daughter growing up and introducing her boyfriend to her father, and then getting engaged.

All To You
Artist: DJ Scott Keo
Genre: Christian Contemporary
Release: 2010

My personal favorite mother son wedding song - hands down. Up until I heard this song, I had never even heard of DJ Keo. He has a great voice and the lyrics just match up to so many mother-son relationships.

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