Church Wedding Decorations
Making An Impression

Finding ways to make your church wedding decorations stand out can be tough! A church is a place of worship, which means that when planning decorations for your wedding you need to be mindful of this.

This doesn't mean that you can't make your church look spectacular on your wedding day.

One of the best ways you can make your decorations for a church wedding stand out is with flowers. I'm not normally a massive fan of flowers, but in the setting of a church, they do work well.

And, usually with a church wedding, there is always going to be the element of tradition and flowers are quite traditional. The great thing about flowers is that they are not going to cause any problems as far as being offensive, and are also a good way of fitting your own style and wedding theme into the reception.

For a vintage or country wedding, you could tie bunches of lavender to the end of each pew. Simple flowers are very much the trend at the moment, and I really think they look fantastic.

Something like a few white orchids can look lovely also. If you want your flowers to stand out, you might like to decorate with bright-coloured roses, or vivid tulips. A big splash of colour with your church wedding decorations can really transform the inside of a church.

Using colour for a pop

Church Wedding Decorations

While you may be a little limited in as far as what you can decorate your church with, one way around this is to use colour creatively. A church wedding I went to a few years ago did this with striking shades of red.

The bride and groom arrived in red Cadillac's, and the bridal party carried bunches of red roses. The church was very lovely and simple inside, but the bride had arranged for a vintage red hall runner to be placed down the aisle, along with two big arrangements of red and white flowers at the front of the room. Alongside the gorgeous stained-glass windows that were already there, the effect of having splashes of colour really brought the venue to life.

While as far as colour choices go, bright red for a wedding isn't really my personal taste, I really do like the idea of this and think it could work really well.

Decorations for your pews

decorations for a church wedding

Another idea I have seen and liked is baskets tied to the end of each pew, rather than flowers. You could fill each basket with confetti, rose petals, or dried flowers for guests to shower you both with after the ceremony. If baskets don't suit, then small pails or tins could work well.

Church banners

There is no reason why you can't make your own banners to use as church wedding decorations. Of course, the venue will probably require that you give them a religious theme. It's a good way to bring your own colours and ideas into the church though.

There are many lovely verses in the bible that you could use for this purpose, for instance the tested and true Corinthians verse. Alternatively, if you are artistic, or have a gifted friend, you could come up with a creative screenprint or design that would work really well.

Be creative with candles

decorate your church

My favourite way to bring a church wedding to life would have to be with candles. Whether you have a large candelabra, or many small votive candles, they can really help to create the kind of atmosphere that you want. Another idea is to give each guest a candle to light and hold during the ceremony.

Finding balance

When you're choosing your church wedding decorations, it's a good idea to speak to someone from the church about what is okay, and what might not be. Some churches are more strick than others. A bit of common sense will probably tell you this, but it's always good to check and if they say no, then don't get upset, after all a church is a place of worship.

decorations for a church wedding

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