Classic Rock Wedding Songs

Classic Rock Wedding Songs. The “Golden Age” of rock, that includes artists such as Aerosmith, The Eagles, Paul McCartney, Styx, and ZZ Top to name a few, supply us with numerous classic rock songs that are PERFECT for weddings.

Classic rock continues to be a popular genre not only for receptions, but many people even incorporate it in their ceremonies as well. Here are a few popular songs from this genre to help you get some ideas:

Wedding Songs > Classic Rock Wedding Songs

Classic Rock Wedding Songs

Maybe I'm Amazed
Artist: Paul McCartney
Genre: Rock
Release: 1970

Maybe I'm Amazed is one of the most popular classic rock love songs played in weddings - consider this Paul McCartney classic if it fits into the musical styling for yours.

Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
Artist: Air Supply
Genre: Rock
Release: 1983

Arguably Air Supply's biggest hit. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All's lyrical style is very deep, whereas it's hard to fully understand the lyrics. However, this is a well-received love song that would fit well into your classic rock wedding playlist.

Artist: Aerosmith
Genre: Rock
Release: 1988

Without her love, he's nothing but a beggar...a dog without a bone. A late 80's hit that released on the album Permanent Vacation, Angel has a slow enough tempo to make for a great wedding dance song and the lyrics are a good fit for a wedding.

Love Will Keep Us Alive
Artist: The Eagles
Genre: Soft Rock
Release: 1994

1994 may be stretching to be considered "classic", but the Eagles made classic rock hits and continued to do so for years. The song is about an unlikely pair that accidentally find each other and fall in love...when they're hungry, "love will keep them alive".

When A Man Loves A Woman
Artist: Percy Sledge
Genre: Soul, Rock
Release: 1966

Before the popular Michael Bolton cover in 1991, Percy Sledge belted out these powerful lyrics that made this song a lasting classic. This song is about the sacrifices a man will make when he truly, unconditionally "loves a woman".

Wedding Songs > Classic Rock Wedding Songs

We've Got Tonight
Artist: Bob Seger
Genre: Pop Rock, Soft Rock
Release: 1978

Bob Seger made numerous classic rock hits throughout the years...unfortunately the lyrics rarely fit for "weddings". If you're looking for good classic rock songs to play during your reception, don't forget to look at his greatest hits. We've Got Tonight, fortunately, does have the lyrics and melody to make a great wedding song.

You Shook Me All Night Long
Artist: AC/DC
Genre: Hard Rock
Release: 1980

Released in 1980 and STILL a popular rock radio song. A quasi-love, hard rock favorite of many that may get some air guitar solos during its run-time.

Artist: Styx
Genre: 1973
Release: Progressive Rock

Part of the Styx greatest hits album - Styx sings praise to a "Lady" that shines, gives him confidence, and is there when he is lonely.

Every Breath You Take
Artist: The Police
Genre: New Wave
Release: 1982

Every Breath You Take has been covered and remixed numerous times over the years, but the original flavor comes from The Police recorded in 1982. A love song / "missing you"-type music that can be used as a dance song so long as you don't read into the lyrics.

Gimme All Your Lovin'
Artist: ZZ Top
Genre: Hard Rock
Release: 1982

You can't have a classic rock list without mentioning some ZZ Top. Gimme All Your Lovin' probably won't be your song of choice to walk down the isle to, but you could use it for a variety of dance segments or background music.

More Than A Feeling
Artist: Boston
Genre: Hard Rock
Release: 1976

More Than A Feeling doesn't exactly have the best lyrics for a wedding song, but it is definitely one of the most well-liked and popular classic rock love songs. This song is about the author's yearning for a former love that "slipped away" and is reminded of her through a familiar song.

Feel Like Makin' Love
Artist: Bad Company
Genre: Hard Rock
Release: 1975

Feel Like Makin' Love was a 1970's smash hit by British rock group Bad Company. The lyrics are pretty straight forward, the author proclaims his love and compassion for his significant other.

Wedding Songs > Classic Rock Wedding Songs

Brown Eyed Girl
Artist: Van Morrison
Genre: Rock, British R&B
Release: 1967

One of the most played classics. Brown Eyed Girl is a little more upbeat compared to other songs on this list. It may be a little harder to dance to, but it's a bit more "happy" tone - and everyone knows this song, young or old.

You Are So Beautiful
Artist: Joe Cocker
Genre: Pop, Blue-Eyed Soul
Release: 1974

No, piano ballads don't exactly scream "classic ROCK", but You Are So Beautiful has some genuinely nice lyrics that may be more appropriate for some weddings. The slow tempo would make this a nice pick for a slow dance segment.

Wonderful Tonight
Artist: Eric Clapton
Genre: Soft Rock
Release: 1977

Gaining popularity again in recent years after being featured in the movies Captain Phillips, The Story of Us and the show Friends, Wonderful Tonight is a slow, classic rock hit by Eric Clapton.

Tell Me Something Good
Artist: Rufus and Chaka Khan
Genre: Funk, R&B
Release: 1974

This song has had numerous covers over the years from various artist, but the 1974 original goes to Rufus and Chaka Khan. Definitely more funk than rock, for sure...but every song has its place in different wedding segments.

Hotel California
Artist: Eagles
Genre: Rock
Release: 1976

Everyone has their own interpretations of this song, and to avoid any potential arguments, we're not even going to attempt sharing one of our own. However, Hotel California was a HUGE 70's hit that most definitely belongs on our classic rock list. Lyrically this might not fit for your slow dancing segments, but you should consider squeezing it somewhere into your playlist.

November Rain
Artist: Guns N' Roses
Genre: Symphonic Rock, Hard Rock
Release: 1992

A more solemn Guns N' Roses song, but it may have it's place on your playlist. The lyrics are about holding on to a PAST relationship, how hard it is to live apart, and trying to recover that old flame.

Wedding Songs > Classic Rock Wedding Songs

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