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Country wedding ideas themes are lovely, but let's face it: sometimes they can be a little twee. Just because you're set to tie the knot out in the country, doesn't mean that your wedding theme has to follow suit.

There are some really great ways to have a country wedding and be different.

Don't get me wrong, I really love country weddings. Beautiful rural settings, historical buildings, and big hearty meals all come to mind when I think of some of the more memorable weddings in the country I've been to.

The thing is though, country weddings rarely vary. Ask someone who is planning a country style wedding what their theme is, and they will probably say, 'a country wedding.'

Go to a few in the same year, and you'll start seeing the same ideas again and again. There are plenty of country wedding themes that are out of the ordinary.

Country setting, city styling

country wedding ideas themes

Country weddings are cute, but some can also be a bit too cute. If you're decorating with hay bales and stencilling chickens onto your wedding stationery, you're probably the demographic I'm talking about.

A good way to breathe a little bit of life into your wedding is to mix things up and bring some city style to country.

Many brides who have country weddings decide on traditional dresses. Why not surprise your guests with turning up in a short, modern dress? Instead of serving up a hearty home style meal for your reception, take your guests to the nearest gastro pub for a real treat and good knees up.

A country wedding is a good chance to turn things on their head, and really surpass your guests' expectations. Simply contradicting the traditional ideas of a country wedding can really work well.

One idea I saw at a recent country wedding was a city styled marquee. You probably don't think on its own that it sounds exceptional.

However, after dark, the marquee lit up with LED mood lighting. Inside, it was decked out with low set seating, a cool sound system, and even a full on bar backlit with subtle colours. The couple brought the bars and nightclubs of the city to the country, with their very memorable chill-out marquee.

Modern rustic charm

country wedding themes

If you want to have a country style wedding, but don't want to get caught up in the traditional style that some weddings have, you could consider a more modern rustic take on some country wedding ideas themes.

Another wedding I went to recently was hosted in a historic barn, which had been refitted with modern fixtures. It was a great mix of old and new, the building had a real country charm to it, but the furniture and decorations were very stylish and modern.

After sunset, giant candelabras in rustic brass lit the room up, complemented by big floral arrangements in reds and browns. To really mix things up, the couple opted for a modern Mediterranean dinner to be served, mezze style.

country theme ideas for wedding

If you're considering country wedding ideas themes, don't be afraid to look beyond the country for inspiration. By combining some city style with the beauty of a country setting, you can create a day to remember and that stands out.

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