Creative Wedding Ideas
Discovering Creativity

'Creative wedding ideas' is probably googled more than any other phrase linked with wedding planning. We all want our wedding to be unique, special and different. So what exactly about a wedding makes it creative?

I really have never been to a wedding and thought, 'Wow, this is a really creative wedding.' Creative wedding is really a term that many people use to describe a wedding that is outside the realm of traditional. It might be casual, quirky, fun, or laid-back to come under the flag of creative.

So, creative wedding ideas are those that don't fit into the idea of a traditional cookie-cutter wedding.

What I think makes a wedding creative is you. Putting your own mark on your day, doing it exactly the way you want, and having a whole heap of fun at the same time will make your day unique.

Too many weddings have become intense over-scheduled events that guests end up enduring instead of enjoying.

Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

There are many ways you can make your wedding creative. There are a whole range of things that might mark your wedding as different or unique. It might be the clothes you wear, the theme you choose, or an unusual location. It could be the entertainment at your reception, your music, or even your wedding cake. When it comes to making a creative wedding you are only limited by your imagination.

Rather than spend time thinking of ways to make a certain element of your wedding unique; for instance looking for an unusual dress or location, instead think about the kind of day you want to have.

Choosing a wedding theme that both you and your partner like is a good way to start. Let the ideas come to you, instead of the other way around. Putting too much pressure on yourself to make your wedding different, is in a way just as bad as tearing your hair out to make you day look exactly like some pictures you saw in a glossy magazine.

Taking Risks

Don't be afraid to take a few risks when you are planning your wedding. I did plenty of things that I wasn't sure about at the time, they turned out to be the things I was complimented on most afterwards. There are only two people that need to be happy with the choices you make; you and your partner. Take a chance and get your weird on.

Many brides and grooms who are planning non-traditional weddings are often faced with the obstacle of family and friends. Maybe you fall into this category, I certainly did.

Not everyone is going to be excited about your idea to dress up as pirates, or with moustaches. The best solution to this obstacle: if you're not sure what people's reactions are going to be, don't tell them. Save it for an extra-special surprise on your wedding day. If you are true to yourself, risks will always pay off.

Creative Wedding Ideas for the Uncreative

Creative Wedding Ideas

You don't need to be a master artist or designer extraordinaire to pull off a creative wedding. Simply get others to help you do it. Hire a designer to help you with creative wedding ideas for invites, decorations and themes. It's what they do best, so you'll be sure to get plenty of fantastic ideas. On the same theme, don't be afraid to get a wedding planner involved to help your day go off without a hitch.

A creative wedding is about being true to yourself. It's about doing something because you and your partner like it, not because you think your aunty, neighbour, or best friend will be impressed by it. A wedding should be about love, your relationship, and be a true expression of both your personalities.

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