Design Your Own Wedding Ring

When you design your own wedding ring, you are creating a personal keepsake of the promises that you and your partner have made to each other. Your marriage is a very special and sacred thing, and your ring is the symbol that represents it.

It's a symbol that you're going to look at, wear, and exhibit every day for you rest of your life. It really does deserve to be something special.

Perhaps this is the foremost reason to design your own wedding ring. When an item represents something important, you want to get it right.

A ring is something you want to get exactly how you like it. It's not like buying a piece of jewellery that you might get sick of in a few years, its forever. Getting the perfect look, style, and fit is essential.

When you design a ring, you have the opportunity to personalise it. This might be an engraving or a particular design that is sentimental to you and your partner.

Design Your Own Wedding Ring

One of the greatest benefits of designing your ring is that you and your partner will have one of a kind rings. You'll never bump into an old friend and discover you bought the exact same ring from the exact same high street store.

It's also an opportunity to have something really different and unique. If you like an unusual design then let this show in your choice of rings.

There are some amazing designs around at the moment done by some extremely talented designers. If you're not quite up for designing something yourself, you could work with a designer to find the perfect style and design. Most jewelers will do custom pieces, you've only got to ask.

Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Have you designed your own ring?

We would love to see it! Send in a picture of your rings along with a few words about it.

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Design Your Own Wedding Ring
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