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Why choose Disney Wedding songs. People are opting for themed weddings more than ever – and the Disney theme is one of the most popular.  Disney has no shortage of love songs to pick from as they’ve been making hit after hit for more than 70 years now (many of them from musicals). Here are a few of the most loved Disney love songs for weddings.

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List of Disney Wedding Songs

(In chronological order)

Love Is An Open Door
Movie: Frozen
Release: 2013

Frozen was an instant mega hit and a favorite of many. The soundtrack also had some major success, including the romantic/comedic song Love Is An Open Door. This song is playful, energetic and funny, which would go great for those fitting the personality type.

I See The Light
Movie: Tangled
Release: 2010

Rapunzel and Flynn are enjoying a romantic ride on a boat watching the annual lantern-lighting ceremony, which popularly dubbed this song "The Lantern Song". The lyrics to this song are exceptionally good for wedding music, and the tempo would work well for a dance segment.

Ma Belle Evangeline
Movie: The Princess and the Frog
Release: 2009

A French and English song from Disney's Princess and the Frog. Ray, the cajun firefly, is in love with a star which he believes is another firefly he names Evangeline. Ma Belle, roughly means "my beautiful" or "my dear".

You'll Be In My Heart
Movie: Tarzan
Release: 1999

Phil Collins lends his talent to sing You'll Be In My Heart for Disney's last hit of the millennium. Millions and millions of Youtube views tells me this song is still very popular, and my guess is it will be with your guests as well.

Love Will Find A Way
Movie: The Lion King II
Release: 1998

Straight-to-DVD movie The Lion King II might not have seen the success the first one did, but some of the movie's soundtracks still have lasting effect - particularly Love Will Find A Way. The plot and song resemble a variation of Romeo and Juliet.

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I Won't Say I'm In Love
Movie: Hercules
Release: 1997

I Won't Say I'm In Love is about Meg, who is trying to avoid being hurt again by another man, but ultimately gives into her feelings and proclaims her love for Hercules. The song has a fast tempo which may be difficult to dance to, but would be fitting as background music.

If I Never Knew You
Movie: Pocahontas
Release: 1995

A song about all the things she didn't know were missing without him. The Pocahontas soundtrack went triple platinum in 1995, for obvious reasons. If I Never Knew You is a great Disney love song that would work well with a dance segment.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Movie: The Lion King
Release: 1994

My personal favorite Disney love song! A beautiful, slow melody that would be perfect for one of your Disney themed dance segments.  There has been well over 20 covers for this song since its 1994 release.

A Whole New World
Movie: Aladdin
Release: 1992

Definitely the most widely recognizable Disney love song to date. A Whole New World sets Jasmine and Aladdin on a romantic magic carpet ride. This song is likely the most popular Disney music piece for weddings.

Kiss The Girl
Movie: The Little Mermaid
Release: 1989

In this song, Sebastian (Ariel's lobster friend) is trying to set up a romantic mood for the couple while subliminally suggesting to Prince Eric to "Kiss The Girl". This would work particularly well for the first dance segment at your reception.

So This Is Love
Movie: Cinderella
Release: 1950

Reaching WAY back to Disney's first film of the 1950's, So This Is Love plays during the ballroom dance of Cinderella and the prince. The song itself has that vintage feeling, but also has a "classy and timeless" enough feel to make for a great contemporary wedding song.

Wedding Songs > Disney Wedding Songs

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