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If it doesn't quite fit, then you'll find it here in Etc. As you know, I love talking about weddings, but sometimes I like to take a little break, so here you'll find non-wedding related stuff or just my ramblings and thoughts on the industry.

Getting Married Again? What Would You Do Differently?

If you could do it all again, what would you do differently? I posed this question to my married friends and the responses were more than a little revealing. What would you change?

Behind The Scenes at Modern Wedding Ideas

Learn more about what makes Modern Wedding Ideas tick. There's a bit about this website, wedding photography, and a little thanks to some special people.

Wedding Fairs

Every weekend, there are about two or three different local wedding fairs on, all vying for your attention. That's not to mention the big national ones that pull in the thousands. See what I have to say about them.

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