Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Choosing the right Father Daughter Wedding songs can be tricky. I've seen the most people cry during the father daughter dance. This is an important time for the bride and her dad – picking the right song should take some real thought.

Most father daughter music is sentimental, slow and meaningful, but there are some dances that are bit more upbeat and happy.This may be the most unique song you pick of all, but here are some ideas to get you started…

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Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Angel In My Arms
Artist: Jack Kapanka
Genre: Soft Rock, Contemporary
Release: 2006

This hidden little gem of a song fits perfectly for a father-daughter dance. It can sometimes be an issue to find a song with matching lyrics AND a true "father's-type" voice to go along with it. Easy to dance to and added sentimental value.

Always Be Your Baby
Artist: Natalie Grant
Genre: Contemporary Christian
Release: 2003

A song sang from the daughter's point of view, which can be a nice change-up. Many fathers worry that they're losing their daughters through marriage, so it's nice to hear, even if in a song, that they will still think of them as highly as they always have.

Butterfly Kisses
Artist: Bob Carlisle
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Release: 1997

For any that don't know, butterfly kisses are when two people flutter their eyelashes together. Bob Carlisle wrote this song for his daughter's 16th birthday, but it makes a wonderful father-daughter dance song (ESPECIALLY if you and your father have ever done this!).

Daddy's Angel
Artist: T Carter
Genre: Contemporary

T Carter Music specializes in wedding music, but this particular one stuck out in popularity as a father daughter wedding song. I really like the tone in this man's voice - it sounds a lot like my own father.

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman
Genre: Contemporary Christian
Release: 2007

Steven is reminiscing the time when his daughters were young and danced in their Cinderella dresses - which eventually evolves into his daughter growing up and introducing her boyfriend to her father, and then getting engaged.

A Song For My Daughter
Artist: Ray Allaire
Genre: Pop
Release: 2009

Lyrics sharing a father's view of his daughter growing up and getting married - obviously what most want to hear during the father-daughter dance. This song stays on a specific theme of lyrics, so there shouldn't be any lyrical discrepancies on the differences in you and your own father's relationship.

Rock/Indie Rock Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Walk With You
Artist: Edwin McCain
Genre: Rock
Release: 2010

A relatively newer song directly related to father-daughter wedding dances. It has a nice, slow tempo that will be easy to dance to - even if your father doesn't particularly like to dance.

Brown Eyed Girl
Artist: Van Morrison
Genre: Rock, British R&B
Release: 1967

One of the most played classics. Brown Eyed Girl is a little more upbeat compared to other songs on this list. It may be a little harder to dance to, but it's a bit more "happy" tone - and everyone knows this song, young or old.

Artist: Kendall Payne
Genre: Indie Rock
Release: 2007

Another song from the daughter point of view. From what I've been hearing, fathers actually like to dance to these types more often than not, which surprises me. Don't be hesitant to ask your dad if he'd want to share this touching song with you out on the floor.

When You Need Me
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Genre: Rock
Release: 1998

Not particularly made for a father-daughter dance, but the lyrics fit so well that it would make a perfect one for your dad.

Artist: Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne
Genre: Soft Rock
Release: 2003

There isn't many father-daughter duet options, but Changes fits the bill. While definitely considered an alternative song compared to the others on this list, some may find it more appropriate for their father-daughter relationship.

You'll Be In My Heart
Artist: Phil Collins
Genre: Pop, Rock
Release: 1998

Made for the 1999 Disney movie Tarzan, Phil Collins sings an awesome song that would work out great for a father-daughter dance. Over 28 million hits on Youtube at the time writing this tells me that this is a very well-liked song, so you know your guests will love it as much as you do.

Country Father Daughter Wedding Songs

I Loved Her First
Artist: Heartland
Genre: Country
Release: 2006

Growing to be one of the most popular father-daughter wedding songs - I Loved Her First has the perfect lyrics for the occasion. Youtube videos of dad's singing this are springing up left and right. This particular song is my personal favorite for this category.

My Little Girl
Artist: Tim McGraw
Genre: Country
Release: 2006

Another immensely popular father-daughter dance song. My Little Girl rose the charts and, weddings aside, was a popular radio song in it's own right. Voice, tone and lyrics are important.

My Wish
Artist: Rascal Flatts
Genre: Country, Country Pop
Release: 2006

A little more upbeat song - My Wish would be unique in the fact that it has "best wishes" type lyrics. This song may work out better for dances with fathers that don't fit the lyrics of the other country songs on this list.

He Didn't Have To Be
Artist: Brad Paisley
Genre: Country
Release: 1999

The perfect step-father daughter dance song! Step-dad songs can be a little harder to find, but this one works perfectly. Let your step-father know how much you appreciate him with this song.

R&B Father Daughter Wedding Songs

My Girl
Artist: The Temptations
Genre: R&B, Soul
Release: 1964

Everyone appreciates classic songs like My Girl. The lyrics say everything they should for a father-daughter dance without getting too sappy.

Dance With My Father
Artist: Luther Vandross
Genre: R&B
Release: 2003

Luther Vandross sings a heart-warming, yet somber song about dearly deceased fathers. If you've lost your father, this may be a good song to play for your father-daughter dance.

Isn't She Lovely
Artist: Stevie Wonder
Genre: R&B
Release: 1976

Another upbeat classic R&B number! Your father may want to proclaim his pride for his daughter with a little Stevie Wonder. No sap, no "deep" lyrics, just a great song that will uplift the bride.

Artist: Beyonce
Genre: R&B
Release: 2003

An alternative R&B song with meaningful lyrics. Beyonce has such a beautiful voice and makes this song one of the best choices for a father-daughter dance. A true song devoted to the father of the bride.

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