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First dance wedding songs and music is typically associated with slow-paced love songs which the newlyweds do  a simple slow dance to – however, make it your own! Possibly lead into a more upbeat song to get guests to come onto the dance floor once your first dance is over.

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Rock/Pop First Dance Wedding Songs

A Thousand Years | Artist: Christina Perri | Genre:Pop | Release:2011

This song was taken from the film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Due to the success of the Twilight series, this movie has skyrocketed in popularity from it's release. This song is easy to dance to and the lyrics are perfect for the first dance.

Feels Like Home | Artist: Chantal Kreviazuk | Genre: Pop | Release: 1999

Taken from the Dawson's Creek soundtrack. Feels Like Home has a nice piano background coupled with Chantal's vocals make it a very sentimental song.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You | Artist: Bryan Adams | Genre: Soft Rock |
Release: 1991

This song was #1 in almost every single country worldwide when it released! Not many can boast that. Bryan Adams sings one of the most loved and meaningful songs from the 90s that is perfect for many first dance music selections.

Angel | Artist: Sarah McLachlan | Genre: Adult Contemporary | Release: 1998

When first hearing this song you might think of sad pictures of abused animals thanks to the ASPCA commercials, but the lyrics to the song are actually very deep and have nothing to do with animals. It has a nice slow melody that would be a great fit for a slow dance song.

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing | Artist: Aerosmith | Genre: Symphonic Rock | Release: 1998

Made for the film Armageddon, this Aerosmith song was immensely popular in the late 90's - it peaked #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and landed #1 in many other countries across the world too. As with most songs on this list, lyrics are important for the first dance, and this song delivers.

I Knew I Loved You | Artist: Savage Garden | Genre: Pop | Release: 1999

If you've been to your fair share of weddings, you've probably heard this song. According to the top 100 requested DJ wedding songs, this song comes in at #6! While some may feel it being overplayed, there is a reason - the love-song-lyrics work perfectly with weddings.

Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry | Artist: Darlene Love | Genre: Jazz-Pop | Release: 1963

We're stepping into the time-machine on this one! Sometimes the classics are the perfect fit for first dance songs. They just don't make them like they used to...This Darlene Love hit has been popular in many weddings, even the more modern ones.

You And Me | Artist: Lifehouse | Genre: Alternative Rock | Release: 2005

This song may sound familiar as it has been used in Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, Cold Case, Everwood, etc etc. You And Me has been popular for weddings since it's release and has a nice, flowing melody to move around the dance floor to.

We Found Love | Artist: Boyce Avenue | Genre: Pop | Release: 2011

Cover song to Rihanna's 2011 hit. It's in my personal opinion that, while I love Rihanna's version, Boyce Avenue's version feels more appropriate with an acoustical background for a first dance song.

Country First Dance Songs

Wedding Songs > First Dance Wedding Songs

Amazed | Artist: Lonestar | Genre: Country | Release: 1999

I almost forgot about this Country classic from the late 90's that hit #1 on Billboard in that golden age of country music. Amazed is a special kind of slow-dance song with lyrics that really move people.

It's Your Love | Artist: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill | Genre: Country | Release:1997

The 90's produced some very memorable country hits - when Tim McGraw and Faith Hill got together to create It's Your Love, it was an instant hit. Duet songs are always nice for first dance music.

Then | Artist: Brad Paisley | Genre: Country | Release: 2009

Then is relatively new compared to the other country songs on this list, which may be more appropriate if you're sticking to modern music. Brad Paisley sings about how he is "lovestruck" and the lyrics (poetry really, if you ask me) are very appropriate for your first dance.

Bless The Broken Road | Artist: Rascal Flatts | Genre: Country | Release: 2004

Bless The Broken Road is mentioned quite a few times in this site - for good reason. Almost everyone, even non-country enthusiasts, like or love this song to a certain extent. It's very popular for wedding ceremonies and receptions - especially first dances.

R&B/Rhythm and Blues First Dance Songs

Wedding Songs > First Dance Wedding Songs

This Very Moment | Artist: KC and JoJo | Genre: Contemporary R&B | Release:2002

One of the more overplayed songs is KC and JoJo's "All My Life", and while it's a GREAT song, I thought I'd offer an idea for something different. This Very Moment was popular, but not nearly as used as the former...and most would agree that the lyrics are just as appropriate for weddings. This song is a little easier to dance to thanks to the consistent tempo.

Endless Love | Artist: Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey | Genre: Pop, R&B | Release: 1994

This song has had many covers, but my favorite duet by far is Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey. At the time (1994), these two had chemistry on stage and their voices are just so perfect together. Duet songs work out great for first dance music.

Make Me Whole | Artist: Amel Larrieux | Genre: R&B | Release: 1999

It's surprising that this song never made it to the top charts. Lyrics include touching lines, such as "you're the other half that makes me whole" and "your love completes my existence" - this song is sure to bring some tears to some of the more sensitive wedding guests.

All My Tomorrows | Artist: Kenny Lattimore | Genre: R&B | Release: 1998

Smooth and sweet that fits with the slow-moving feel of a first dance. I'm surprised All My Tomorrows didn't top-out higher on the charts; it's such a hit with wedding-goers.

At Last | Artist: Etta James | Genre: Soul Blues, Pop | Release: 1960

Really reaching back with the 1960 classic At Last - if you're seeking something a little more modern, Beyonce's cover might be your better option. The Etta James version however, can seem more appropriate for a, should I say, "classier" alternative to more modern music? 

All Of Me | Artist: John Legend | Genre: R&B | Release: 2013

Alright, back to today's music! John Legend, who is an extremely talented vocalist, songwriter and pianist, makes this song a great idea for first dance music. 

Wedding Songs > First Dance Wedding Songs

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