Free Printable Wedding Invitations

Free printable wedding invitations have become a popular choice for many brides and grooms. These template designs are freely available all over the internet.

You basically find one you like, download it, then edit it to contain your own information and details. Most are made to print with a regular desktop printer.

Print Your Own Wedding Invitation Pros

Well, the best part about using these printable invitation is that they're free. They're really easy to use, you don't need to be a Photoshop wizard to personalise them. They're also quick to put together.

There are literally hundreds of different printable designs online. There will no doubt be a free invite to fit in with your ideas.

If you're wanting to keep your costs down, then free printable wedding invitations are the way to go. The only money involved is your time, some ink, and some nice card stock.

It's a far cheaper option than having your invites put together by somebody else.

You don't need to be creatively minded, as all the ideas have been put together for you.

The bad points

free printable wedding invitations

While there are plenty of reasons to use free printable wedding invitations, there are also some more negative points to consider before you make your choice.

Some printable template designs leave a lot to be desired. Granted, some of them look great, but a lot are cheap and tacky (to be blunt). I think to really make these free invites work you need to add something. For instance, you might add a little ribbon, lace or something else to make it that extra bit special. Using good quality paper is a must, seek out quality card stock to get the best results.

free wedding invitations to print

Many of the free templates are low resolution. This means that they can come out looking fuzzy when they print out, especially if you change the size at all. In line with this, the way something looks on your computer monitor is often different from the way it comes out in print. Colours, fonts, and designs can all look a bit different. If you have access to a high quality printer then you may wish to use it.

It can also be difficult to match up specific colours when you print your own invitation. As mentioned above, even if you can find a close colour match to your invites, they often look different in print.

I think part of what makes printable invitations nice is the embellishments and personalised elements that people add themselves. If you do choose to use free printable wedding invitation, make sure that you include something in the wording or design that is a reflection of who you are. Make it your own.

Using a template vs. making your own

Free printable wedding invitations

Credit: E M Papers: Raising the bar of free printables

Making your own wedding invites is a great idea, however there is much time and expense involved in this option. If you want the ease and convenience of a wedding invite template, but want to get something personal and unique, consider customising a free template yourself.

If you've found a template you love, ask a talented friend to do the graphic design work for you. You can source designers quite cheaply yourself over the internet as well. You could use the template as a base, then add or change a few aspects to make the invitations unique. You should be wary of copyright issues if you go down this path.

So, should you do it?

Personally, I lean away from using free printable templates. It's quite likely that they are going to look like a template, you also run the risk of sending out the same invites as someone else. This doesn't mean that they are not right for you. I love words, nice paper and fancy calligraphy.

However, if I was on a budget, time-poor, or just wasn't too worried about invites, then I would go for it. From the image above, if you take the time to search out a freebie, you can really find some high quality goodies.

Different aspects of a wedding are going to be different for every person. So if you want to save some money on your invites, and say spend it on your wedding dress, decorations or a wedding cake, then by all means opt for free printable wedding invitations.

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