10 Ideas For Wedding Favours
in the UK

Here are some of my favourite ideas for wedding favours in the UK. They range from the simple to the simply delicious. So enjoy!

1. I love these little origami paper cranes. They come in a single colour or on multicoloured patterned paper. Present one to each guest as a memorable token of your thanks.

2. Handmade chocolate truffles, sweets or biscuits. If you make them lovingly by hand, your guests are sure to devour them. Fresh truffles can be made up to two weeks in advance if kept in the fridge.

3. Everyone loves a culinary delight. Homemade pickles, jams and marmalades are a great diy wedding favour. Package them up and personalise the labels for a pretty finishing touch.

4. Little badges are a fun way to say thanks to your guests and perfect for a rock and roll wedding. Customise your own design and let your guests rock.

ideas for wedding favours

5. Local delicacies from your home town or county are always a treat. A Bakewell tart from Derbyshire, a Cornish yarg or a Somerset brie - celebrate your heritage, particularly if your guests are coming far and wide. Box it up and make it look pretty.

6. Plants such as herbs, small seasonal plants or even cacti are all great ideas for wedding favours in the UK. The key is in the packaging and how you present them. Pop them all together on a side table and make a feature of them as no one wants compost on the dining table!

wedding favours ideas

7. Votive candles covered in decoupage paper. The paper can be your choice, so either choose something that you love and represents you as a couple or tie it in with your theme. Alternatively, use the crafting talent of someone from Etsy.com such as gamiworks and let them do the hard work for you.

8. Have some fun with your guests by giving them a fake moustache. You can mix it up as part of your entertainment and it will certainly get strangers sat next to each other talking. Whiskerworks sells these in sets, ready to go.

Fun wedding favours

Credit: Whiskerworks

9. Everyone loves a lollipop and these little lollies from Oliodesigns are simply delightful. Fun and witty, they'll brighten up your tables or sweet buffet.

10. I adore these pretty lavender bags by Meeni. Made from vintage fabric, hand stitched and filled with dried lavender, your guests will love these cute little drawer scents.

With favours, it's all in the packaging. If you simply plonk the gift at the place setting of the guest, then the gift can often be overlooked. But wrapped carefully and presented with care, the favour can instead be a delight to unwrap and discover what's inside.

You don't have to display favours at the place setting of every guest, you can create a feature of your favours and set them aside on a table or in a separate area of the reception. This could create the perfect focal point at your wedding reception and is especially useful if you've given your guests plants, which quite frankly could get messy if left on the dining tables.

Got any more ideas for wedding favours? Add them in the comments below.

Wedding Favour Ideas

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