Ideas For Wedding Gifts

Ideas for wedding gifts don't have to be boring. While it might be easy, choosing a toaster is not really creative or memorable. Instead, surprise a special couple in your life with these creative gift ideas.

1. Personalised canvas. A personalised canvas is a unique wedding gift and great addition to anyone's home. If the newlyweds are keen travellers, consider purchasing them a travel destination canvas. These artworks feature a list of global or local destinations, the best bit is that you can have them personalised with your own geographic choices, or destinations the couple has visited together.

2. 1st wedding anniversary shoot. A photo shoot is not only a great way of making memories, but also an excellent way to give someone a real treat. The preparation for a wedding and the first year of marriage can be a tiring feat, something special to look forward to on their first anniversary would make another lovely gift. Who knows, they might even have a new addition to bring along.

3. Commissioned Art. One of my favourite ideas for wedding gifts is commissioned art. Not only will this be something that a couple will enjoy every day and cherish, but it's also something that could increase in value, or that they might even leave to their children one day.

While visiting galleries is a good way to find a good artist, there are also plenty of artists online who are happy to take on commissioned work and create the perfect landscape or portrait of the happy couple.

4. A patchwork quilt. If you're crafty, one of the loveliest gifts for a couple in your life is to make them something with your own two hands. A patchwork quilt is something they can keep forever, if you make it for them you can pick colours and textures that will complement their home.

patchwork quilt

Including personal aspects, like embroidery with their names and wedding date, make it a gift all the more sentimental. Of course, you don't have to be artistic to give gifts like this, you could also commission someone else to put together a masterpiece for you.

5. Gifts of experience. In the last few years experienced-based gifts have become incredibly popular, thanks mostly to the internet. As far as ideas for wedding gifts go, this is really one that will stand out. Whether it's a few laps driving a race car, a lesson in making sushi, or just a luxurious afternoon at a day spa, there are experience gifts out there to suit every couple.

6. Sunrise photography from their wedding morning. This amazing artwork looks great up on the wall, and is also a lovely keepsake of a couple's wedding day. I really love this idea, as it's quite personal and also a little bit unusual. Even a picture of a cloudy day can be a beautiful way to capture a memory.

Creative ideas for wedding gifts

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7. Poetry. Writing a poem for a couple is a lovely sentiment. While you could simply write it on the inside of a card, you might also consider having it framed, or even written out by a professional calligrapher.

8. A Lampshade with a secret message. I think these lampshades are just gorgeous, they're great as wedding gifts. Each has a personalised secret message inside, which is only seen when the lamp is lit. It could be a quote, a line from a poem, or just a message saying goodnight. These could work really well in a 'his and hers' set.

Creative ideas for wedding gifts

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9. A case of anniversary-themed wine. Wine as a wedding gift is no original concept, however, buying a case of 12 bottles with each one intended to be drunk on each wedding anniversary gives it an interesting twist. A little bit of research, or just some expert advice, will help you to find 12 good bottles.

anniversary-themed wine

They will all need to be different, as different wines are at their best for different amounts of time.

10. Fresh fruit. There are many delivery services that specialise in goods like fresh fruit, they are more unusual wedding gifts and could be to prepay for this service for a year. The couple will be reminded of your kind gift every time they receive a delivery. Of course, you could also have flowers, magazines, or even chocolates delivered to them instead.

If you've got any more ideas for wedding gifts, why not share them?

Wedding Gift Ideas

Unusual and Unique Wedding Gifts
Unusual wedding presents are a great way to give a couple in your life something that they will treasure and remember always.

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