Layered Wedding Hair Styles

Layered wedding hair styles look good on all ages and are not usually high maintenance.

There are also lots of styles with a combination of lengths. You can have short hair cuts or longer lengths.

Many of these can quickly and easily be adapted for brides hairstyles.

There are a multitude of variations of the short layer cut but the basic technique is the same. The hair is cut shorter at the top and sides and left longer at the back. Sometimes it is cut very short around the back and sides. Hair gels and mousses can be used to make the hair spiky or full.

Layered hair can be scrunch-dried to give a random effect, finger-dried for curly or blow-dried for a sleek effect, using the relevant tongs.

Layered cuts of different sorts can be achieved on most kinds of hair and look spectacular with a few highlights or low lights added.

Layered Wedding Hair Styles Are Great For Brides

Short cuts do not have to be boring and for a relaxed beach wedding in Spain they are actually ideal!

The use of styling wax to accentuate a few strands, and/or the addition of pretty hair accessories, can transform an everyday style into something spectacular.

On the other hand, if you want your hair to appear longer, without having to grow an easy to wear style, you can add hair extension clip-ons.

Because layered wedding hair styles are stylish and easy to look after, you will find many people have them, including celebrities. Keep a look out in magazines and at people you come in contact with during the day and you'll probably find a style you like.

The new casual style of hair is slightly messed and looks very natural. This is easy to achieve with this kind of cut. For brides hairstyles this tousled style looks appropriate with a contemporary dress, perhaps for a simple outdoor or beach wedding or certainly one which is not formal.

Healthy hair

Remember that for any style to look stunning, you should get your hair in its best possible condition. Have regular trims, use a conditioner and protect your hair from strong sunlight  and salt water.   Your hairdresser should be able to advise you on how best to prepare your hair in the months before the wedding.

Your diet also plays a large part in maintaining healthy hair. We are what we eat - so to have beautiful, healthy hair in time for your wedding, you should be eating a balanced diet, including enough protein.

Like nails, your hair is made of keratin so protein can strengthen it. Lean red meat, whole grains and pulses are excellent sources of protein.