Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Looking to make your own wedding invitations? For many brides, and indeed grooms too, the regular retail options for wedding invites just doesn't cut it.

If you've shopped around for invitations already, then you will know that after a little while they all start to look the same. Homemade wedding invitations is a way to ensure your invites are unique and creative.

An invite can set the whole tone of a wedding. Sounds a little melodramatic, but it's true. The theme, the venue, and the level of formality will all be portrayed in your invite. With creative invitations you have complete control over all these things.

Do it yourself invitations mean that you can get the exact look that you want, so you don't get stuck making compromises. When you're out shopping for your wedding, often you need to settle for something that isn't exactly what you had in mind. When you're making the invites the only limitation is your imagination.

Everything is in your hands when you create your own wedding invitations. It's your colours, your designs, and your ideas. You can keep it simple, make something extravagant, or even get a little bit kooky, if you so desire. It's your wedding, so why not take the chance to express exactly who you both are?

Inspiration for Your Invitations

Handkerchief wedding invitation

Credit: via Swiss Miss

You don't have to be an artistic genius to make your own wedding invitations. There are heaps of places you can draw your inspiration from. There are plenty of free templates all across the internet. With most of these you can change a few things to make sure your invites are entirely individual. Keep an eye on bridal and craft blogs to get ideas and inspiration too. Some favourites include Oh So Beautiful Paper and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Craft is huge at the moment, thanks largely to the Internet. Finding supplies has never been easier, there are plenty of online stores that stock anything and everything you will need. For those that are tech savvy, photo and image editing software like is easy to use and free.

Make your own wedding invitations

Credit: via Jeremy & Kathleen

Real wedding invitations

Credit: via Ohsobeautifulpaper

Letterpress wedding invitations

Credit: via La Petite Coquin

Make A Day Of It

When you make your own wedding invitations and matching stationery it is hugely time consuming. It's worth it though as it's these details that can really bring your big day to life. If you're going to make your own wedding invitations, don't think that you have to sit alone at your dining room table cutting and pasting until 3am.

Making invites can be a heap of fun, especially if you ask some friends to come along. Make a day out of it, host an afternoon tea or a cocktail party with your friends, family, or bridal party, and ask them to give you a hand. You'll have plenty of laughs and get your invites together much faster.

Make Invitations to be Remembered

Perhaps the best thing when you make homemade invitations is that you don't have to stay contained within the normal realms of invitation standards. You can create something really unusual and memorable.

Recently I saw an invite from two Gen Y'ers who grew up on 1980's video games. A pixelated bride and groom set in a Super Mario style wonderland invited guests to join them. Another couple who had a pirate-theme sent out their invites as a message in a bottle.

Atari game wedding invitation

Credit: Carla Berrocal

There are many ways you can make your invites all about you. Tell the story of how you met, or include a romantic or funny anecdote or incorporate a picture of you in your designs.

When you make your own wedding invitations your end result will be unique, handcrafted and beautiful. You'll impress your guests and have something that truly represents what you want your wedding to be about. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get crafty!

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