Mother Son Wedding Songs

How to choose your very special Mother Son Wedding Songs. Each family is unique, which makes every dance between a son and his mum song unique as well. Many times lyrics are important for this dance, but some like something a little more rhythmic. Think about it carefully, initially you may think as your mum is a fun mum, go with humor. But then on the day, it just may not seem appropriate, as something more meaningful may suit the occasion. It will be remembered forever, through video, so choose wisely.  The mother and son dance songs listed here give a little of both.

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Mother Son Wedding Songs

All To You
Artist: DJ Scott Keo
Genre: Christian Contemporary
Release: 2010

My personal favorite mother son wedding song - hands down. Up until I heard this song, I had never even heard of DJ Keo. He has a great voice and the lyrics just match up to so many mother-son relationships.

A Mother's Song
Artist: T Carter
Genre: Christian, Country
Release: 2014

T Carter Music specializes in wedding songs. A Mother's Song is one of the more popular songs featured on their site. It was specifically made for mother son dances - and it nails it! Check out other T Carter songs for more ideas.

The Man You've Become
Artist: Molly Passutti
Genre: Pop
Release: 2012

A song, from the mother's view, about her son growing up from a little boy to a man. It may be somewhat "sappy" for some, but the lyrics are very touching. Your wedding band/singer may be able to add a twist to this track.

A Mother's Love
Artist: Mark Masri, featuring Jim Brickman
Genre: Christian Contemporary
Release: 2010

A song from the son's view. Jim Brickman is the most charted male contemporary music artist to date, and his songs are littered throughout this site because they fit so well for many wedding occasions.

Country Mother Son Wedding Songs

Twenty Years Late
Artist: David St. Romain
Genre: Country
Release: 2010

This song is a great male perspective song for his mom. As the title implies, he tells his mother how much he appreciates her Twenty Years Late.

My Wish
Artist: Rascal Flatts
Genre: Country, Country Pop
Release: 2006

The most upbeat song on this list, which also goes well for a father-daughter dance. My Wish would be unique in the fact that it has "best wishes" type lyrics. This song may work out better for dances with mothers that don't fit the lyrics of the other songs on this list.

A Mother's Prayer
Artist: Bonnie Barbey and Kay Crawford
Genre: Christian, Country and Bluegrass
Release: 2009

An uplifting song sung from the mother's perspective - yet uniquely mentions the bride-groom relationship in the chorus. The tempo of this song is perfect to dance to.

That's What Mamas Do
Artist: Jason Matthews
Genre: Country
Release: 2008

A more modern, pure-country song for mom! I love the sentiment of country music and I'm glad Jason Matthews shared his with That's What Mamas Do.

I Cross My Heart
Artist: George Strait
Genre: Country
Release: 1992

An oldie but a goodie, George Strait put out this title for the movie soundtrack of Pure Country in 1992. This song hit a #1 peak position on Billboard's Hot Country Songs.

Other Genre Mother Son Wedding Songs

Simple Man
Artist: Shinedown
Genre: Rock
Release: 2004

A cover for the old Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man. I think Shinedown brings some extra soul and modern tone for the song (though I know all won't agree). This song would definitely be a unique pick!

A Song For Mama
Artist: Boyz II Men
Genre: R&B
Release: 1997

With over 4.5 million views on a 2009 Youtube upload, this 1997 mama's song is still a hit today. I wish I could recommend more R&B mother son dance songs, but this one song makes up for the lack-there-of.

In My Life
Artist: The Beatles
Genre: Baroque Pop
Release: 1965

A vastly popular pick for the mother son dance song! If the mother grew up in the Beatles era, this would be even more appreciated. 50 years old, but this song will ever be a great pick.

The Wind Beneath My Wings
Artist: Bette Midler
Genre: Pop
Release: 1989

The Wind Beneath My Wings is versatile in the fact that it can be used for many different wedding dances. The lyrics are uplifting for whatever occasion or subject. Gary Morris was the original singer for this track, but Bette is a personal favorite.

Artist: Natalie Cole
Genre: Jazz
Release: 1991

I love the live video with Natalie's father up on the big screen singing together. That aside though, this version of Unforgettable has a nice male/female duet that would work well for a mother son dance.

You Raise Me Up
Artist: Josh Groban
Genre: Easy Listening, Operatic Pop
Release: 2003

Josh Groban lends his operatic voice and ton for this song. While not directly related to a mother-son relationship, You Raise Me Up can easily be used for it. It's also a nice song to dance to.

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