Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor wedding ideas are usually reserved for receptions, since you need to officially get married in a licensed venue (unless of course, you're in Scotland). With our British weather though, you've got to be brave to consider an outdoor reception.

Of course, if you've chosen to go the route of an outdoor wedding, it's good to have a backup plan or some shelter in place. A marquee is often a popular choice, however I think this just kind of feels a bit like you're indoors anyhow.

An idea I recently saw was an open sided tent or tepee gives a more open and airy feel. While three walls were in place where they should be, the fourth wall, or section of the wall in the case of the tepee, was pulled up, letting the guests enjoy fresh air as well as a lovely vista across open fields.

Decorating a tent or marquee can be a lot of fun and also fit into your wedding theme. Personally, I love the idea of decorating the tents with an Arabian, Moroccan or Turkish feel, complete with hookah pipes, strong coffee and plenty of Turkish delight.

If you're planning to have an outdoor wedding venue, you could also set up a variety of different tents with different activities. One could be a bar, another one a dance floor and another a lounge area, each with different music and a different ambiance. This way if it rains or gets cold guests can take shelter, or if it's too hot, get out of the sun.

There are a few funky variations on tents or marquees for outdoor wedding ideas. If you're feeling a little adventurous you might opt for an Indian-style tepee. Something really fun I've seen is a Mongolian yurt.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

These have a wooden frame and felt exterior that keeps you out of the weather. The inside of yurts is often lavishly decorated, although the criss-cross structure of the willow is beautiful enough in its own right not to warrant further decor, just perhaps some accent lighting.

If you live near the beach, this location is an excellent inspiration for outdoor wedding ideas. Some friends of mine had a lovely wedding last year at the seaside. The ceremony was on the pier. There was a surf club nearby, so elderly guests had somewhere to sit and have a cup of tea before and after. They had their reception on a lawned area close to the beach, set out with lovely white tables and chairs, decorated with seashells.

Woodlands and parks are also great places to have your outdoor wedding reception. A tea party on the lawn of a local park can be a really relaxed and fun way to celebrate your wedding. If you and your partner love nature then it's a great way to celebrate your interests.

A friend of mine who is an avid skier has taken this idea so far as to get married on the top of a snowy mountain!

There are lots of outdoor wedding ideas that are often overlooked. One that I really love is to have your reception at a rooftop garden.

outdoor wedding venue

These places, such as the Kensington Roof Gardens and Canon Bridge Gardens in London, the Glasshouse in Edinburgh or the Merchant Hotel in Belfast, are spectacular for any occasion. For your outdoor wedding venue they are simply perfect. Many of these venues offer great areas for functions, as well as indoor alternatives if the weather fails.

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