White and Red Themed Wedding

A little while ago, I was sent an amazing stylised Red Themed Wedding from D Park Photography. There's a hint of winter in the theme and so while we're still in the depths of January I thought I'd show it.

Saying that, recently it's been feeling a lot like spring is in the air. The first signs are appearing with snowdrops in the garden and my daffs are beginning to shoot up too (hoorah!). I'm sure we've not seen the last of Jack Frost though, so here's a little nod to the last of the winter with this red and white wedding theme...

In this particular shoot, the team made use of lots of bright red flowers and baubles to bring a sense of colour shock to the eye. From the drinks to the ornaments the colour rings true and when pulled together looks fantastic. This would be look amazing for any wedding, whether you were getting married in June or January.

The most subtle, yet most widely used detail is the little red and white peppermints. They've been added to the drinks trays, table settings and even used on the boutonniere for the groom - it's certainly one way to add a dash of themed colour to the groom.

The flowers didn't escape either with the little red and white minties wired into the heart of the dahlias. The idea of peppermints was also carried through in the buttercream for the cake and the red martinis.

Red and white themed wedding

Red and White Wedding Inspiration Shoot
Red themed wedding
Red themed wedding
Red themed wedding
Red themed wedding
Red themed wedding
Red themed wedding
Red themed wedding
Red themed wedding
Red themed wedding

What I love about the Red Themed Wedding is that it's so focussed. They've not deviated from red, white and the idea of peppermint. Everything ties in. When you go to that much effort on the detail it really makes a difference and your wedding certainly stands out.

Best of all, much of it can be done yourself. It's not hard. Buying bags of sweets, whether retro or modern, to use as decorations is actually quite cost effective. It's then a case of scattering them around as table decorations in appropriate places. Add in a dash of ribbon and matching baubles in your accent colour and you're onto a winner.

Some colourful favourites:

Aniseed Balls - a lovely deep red burgundy. Perfect for autumn weddings.
Everton Balls - pretty black and white strips and ideal for a vintage, 1950s wedding.
Strawberry and Creams - super lovely red and white twisted stripes. Get some bunting now...

Vendor details

Photographer: D Park Photography
Event Designer: Floral Sense
Reception Venue: Fusion Linens
Invitation Designer: Typologie & Co.
Cake Designer: Simply Sweets Cakery
Heirlooms and extras: Petit Plume
Linens and Coverings: Fusion Decor
Makeup Artist: All Made Up Team

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