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Silk Wedding Flowers

Before you write off silk wedding flowers as something tacky from the 1970s, you should actually look at some of the silk ones available today. High quality silk flowers are actually difficult to tell apart from the real thing.

They're not for all brides, but they can certainly open up interesting possibilities for buttonholes, bridal bouquets, and even centrepieces.

If you want something even less traditional than silk flowers, there are options out there for that, too.

Having researched silk wedding flowers, I've been surprised how versatile they are. And when you start to mix them with decorative berries, feathers or beads, your options are far from constrained or tacky.

There's a massive trend at the moment for buttonholes that focus on things that are less floral and a little more masculine which suits these alternative silk wedding flowers.

Besides keeping your man happy, a great benefit to silk wedding flowers is that you don't have to worry about availability. You can get pretty much any silk bouquets you want whenever you want it.

Silk Wedding Flowers

When you want a really delicate looking bouquet, silk ones are definitely a good option. Pay for high quality silks, and you'll be able to tell the difference. Your flowers will look more lifelike than the real thing! Plus, they'll stay perky and fresh looking through hours and hours of pictures and dancing on your special day.

If you want a really creative look, silks offer good possibilities. They're more uniform, which is good for crafting the small, round hand tied bouquets that are popular right now. They can also be bent and shaped in lots of different ways with wire stems and floral tape.

silk wedding bouquets

A close friend had silk ones for her wedding, and on first hearing of her choice, I was pretty saddened. When she explained her reasons: mainly cost, ability to create exactly what she wanted months before the event and no worry about wilted or damaged flowers on the day, I was won over. Having seen them as well, I was pretty impressed. She still has her bouquet sitting in her bedroom, decorating her Victorian mantelpiece.

Being Creative

If you want to opt out of traditional fresh flowers for environmental reasons or whatever, that's cool, too. Maybe silks are still a little too traditional for you or you still can't get over that 70s feel. If that's the case, go even funkier with handmade flowers - paper, lace, knit or crochet, fabric - you name it, and you can get it.

silk wedding flower arrangements silk wedding flower arrangements

You can learn to make your own funky flowers by hand, or you can purchase them from an experienced crafter. Again, these will last a lot longer than fresh cut flowers, and they'll give your wedding a unique, handmade feel that even silk wedding flowers don't offer.

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