The Beauty Of
Simple Wedding Dresses

I don't know about you, but simple wedding dresses just really draw me in. Brides at all the same old, same old weddings these days seem to be competing for whose dress can be big enough to knock the decorations off the centre of the aisle or who can fit the most embellishments on a few yards of fabric.

I'd rather leave the roses and pearls to the cake and make a more elegant splash with the dress.

The simplicity of dresses are all about a combination of factors: cut, style, fabric, and embellishments - or lack of them, anyway. You can look for elegant wedding dresses with clean lines and not much fuss about them and still come up with hundreds of simple options to choose from.

For cut, you could go with something a bit more traditional, such as slightly flared dresses with a short train. For something a little less ordinary, try a short dress, a bias-cut dress, or one-shoulder ancient-Greek-style number.

Simple dresses are normally made of simple fabrics, but simple can equal sumptuous. Take away all the overlaid embellishments, and many dresses are made of cheap silks and satins. For your elegant standout dresses, look for the simple silks and satins with the most sheen.

You may even want to try fabrics with a slight colour or even silvery undertones to them. The right fabric will really play up the elegance of your simple gown.

Simple Wedding Dresses

Simple wedding dresses are by definition lacking in detail. You don't have to settle for boring, though. Try either colour-on-colour embellishments that almost blend into the fabric of the dress. A little hand stitching at the neckline or waist can add an interesting element to a dress without making it too fussy.

Another popular option right now is one large embellishment. Accent that cute, short dress with a belt that ends in an interesting buckle or a flower at the waist. One large embellishment like a fabric flower or embroidered section can highlight the simplicity of the rest of your dress.

How they work for you

elegant wedding dresses

You can make a real statement with a simple wedding dress. They're non-traditional and unexpected, and you can fit them into the theme of your wedding quite nicely. If you want an easy way to set yours apart, steer clear of the frothy confections most brides wear in favour of a cleaner, less frilly dress with just the right details.

The bride should be the focus of her special day instead of the dress. I've been to so many weddings where everyone comments afterwards on how beautiful the bride looked . . . only to move straightaway to how beautiful the dress was. As if the beauty of the bride and the beauty of the dress were the same thing!

If you really want to let your own beauty shine through on your special day, choose an elegant wedding gown that highlights it rather than covers it up.

Simple wedding dress

Who Makes Simple Wedding Dresses?

If you really want to play up your dress, order a simple beauty from a couture designer. Anne Barge has some dresses that are simple takes on traditional necklines and silhouettes. Vera Wang is known for her simple designs, too. I love her modern touches that leave dresses just traditional enough but with a few interesting twists.

What a Beautiful Life

Of course, you don't have to go with a designer dress at all. I've seen lots of off the rack dresses that have many of the same elements as the simple wedding dresses by designers. If your budget allows for it, you might even have your dress custom made.

If your ideas are truly simple and streamlined, it could be surprisingly affordable to get the dress of your dreams straight from a professional seamstress.

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