Strip Back Your Wedding With
Simple Wedding Ideas

Opting for simple wedding ideas can bring a whole range of benefits. Many of the weddings I go to are complicated, expensive affairs. Most couples will spend 1-2 years planning their wedding, spend thousands of pounds, and encounter huge amounts of worry and stress along the way.

So many people have this idea that their wedding needs to look like something in a magazine to be a success, this just isn't the case.

Simple weddings can be just as beautiful and memorable as large and elaborate affairs. If you don't want to feel like you're part of a stage production, you shouldn't have to.

Your wedding should be special and unique, but it doesn't have to be extravagant in order to achieve this.

Using simple wedding ideas can be a good way of spending less time and money, as well as really highlighting the things which are important.

Two Weddings: Big vs Small

At its core, a wedding is a commitment of two people to each other, for the rest of their lives. The best way to strip down your wedding and make it simple, is to eliminate all the things that you don't feel are important.

Don't include any elements simply because you feel that they are traditional, or the right thing to do. The only essentials are you, your partner, a celebrant, and a couple of witnesses. Beyond that, everything else is optional.

So many of the weddings I see today are no longer about two people beginning a marriage, but rather are more about two people have a big expensive party.

Simple Wedding Ideas

A little while ago I saw some photos a friend took of a wedding they attended. The couple got married abroad in a beach setting. It was an elaborate affair that involved fireworks, sword swallowers, and even a baby elephant. Sure, it was spectacular, but amongst all of those loud noises and bright lights, it's easy to lose sight of the simple promises the bride and groom made to each other.

Earlier in the year I attended my cousin's beach wedding, which by comparison was far more simpler. They cut the guest list back to the essentials - it was only immediate family and friends. Surrounded by the natural setting of the beach, they didn't have to worry about decorations, nor did they have any music.

The bride wore a white flowing dress that she bought straight off the rack. To keep their wedding simple they also skipped the reception and three course dinner. Instead, they booked out their local pub and shouted everyone a meal, making sure there were plenty of drinks to go around. The pub had large gardens and was in an old historic building, so the setting was lovely.

If you want to keep your wedding food simple, having simple wedding reception ideas with finger food works just as well, or you could even have a barbecue in a local park. Choosing outdoor settings for your ceremony and reception, or a building with lots of character and atmosphere, means that you don't need to worry about decorations.

Planning a Simple Wedding

Planning a Simple Wedding

When looking for simple wedding ideas, look for easy alternatives that you can do yourself. For instance, instead of paying a florist to put together elaborate arrangements, just turn up on your wedding day and choose your favourite seasonal blooms form the shop floor. Better yet, grow your own and pick them on the day.

Save yourself the heartache and hassle of a dozen dress fittings, instead hit the high street with a friend, and find a simple wedding dress that you love.

A wedding dress doesn't need to be big, white, and puffy. It can be any style or colour that you like. The same goes for the groom, you don't need to turn up in an expensive dinner suit, there are lots of other options that will still leave you looking your best at the altar.

Are you planning a wedding? Take a look at my 5 Tips For Planning A Simple Wedding for great ideas and inspiration.

Good Arguments for Simple Wedding Ideas

When deciding on whether simple wedding ideas are right for you, take into consideration you and your partner's personalities, as well as your attitudes towards weddings and marriage. The chances are, you probably already know if these ideas are right for your own wedding.

While I've been to some big weddings that have been lovely, I've also been to many that have felt fake and a little impersonal. The best weddings are always those that are a true reflection of the bride and groom's relationship.

It also helps to be relaxed about the whole affair, and not stress about the small stuff. Having a simple wedding can be the best way to do this.

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