Simple Wedding Reception Ideas

Some of the most treasured weddings I've been sent have been those that have simple wedding reception ideas. Whether it's the number of guests or the style of the wedding, often simple is best for a number of reasons.

I've seen weddings where there have been no guests, simply the bride and groom, the witnesses (in one case, these weren't even friends of the couple), the photographer and the celebrant. You can't get any simpler than that.

The reception too has been ultra pared back with a simple meal or glass of champagne with only the couple there. Perhaps that's going to the extreme, but your reception doesn't have to be a singing and dancing affair that many wedding inspiration magazines or blogs may have you believe.

Couples are turning to simple wedding reception ideas to break free from tradition and do things their way, and why not? Having that sense of freedom, takes away an awful lot of the stress associated with weddings.

Keeping it simple will also keep down the cost too. After all, isn't this about a celebration of your love and not how fancy a reception you (or your wedding planner) can create?

Simple Wedding Reception Ideas

So how are couples achieving these simple inspirations?

  • Simply by stripping it down and laying it bare. Take away the guests; that's one way to keep it simple. Take away all the fancy trimmings such as large bouquets, floral decorations and focal points and replace with simple decorations and much smaller and fewer details.

  • Take away the formal dress and replace them with shortened dresses, relaxed suits and perhaps even trainers for your boy. Take away the formal traditions and just do what's right for you.

  • And finally take away those posh wedding venues and think about alternative places to have your reception such as a roof garden, loft space, city bar or local village hall.
simple weddings ideas

It's celebrations that are based around simple wedding reception ideas that allow the couple to really let their personality and love shine through.

Taking away all the ideas that we are bombarded with, actually allows for a much more intimate celebration, one where your guests are less distracted by the pretty decor and instead can focus on what's important about the day: your union with your partner.

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