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Prepare to tie the knot in Spain with Spanish wedding updates.

SPAIN'S government has increased the minimum legal age for marriage from 14 to 16

Minimum age for marriage raised from 14 to 16

SPAIN'S government has increased the minimum legal age for marriage from 14 to 16, and will allow notaries and court secretaries to carry out weddings and uncontested divorces where there are no underage children involved.A reform of the Civil Code means marriage rites in accordance with Orthodox, Buddhist, Jehovah's Witness and Mormon tradition will now be recognised in terms of their legal content.Until now, only Catholic, Jewish and Muslim ceremonies were legally recognised as a marriage, since these are faiths of long-standing tradition in Spain.Changes to the Criminal Code two years ago meant the minimum legal age for consenting sexual relations went up from 13 to 16, and minimum marriage age has risen in line with this.It also means that for a minor, under 18, to be considered an 'adult' in all legal senses of the word through having married, this will not apply until age 16.Previously, a 14-year-old who legally married would no longer be considered a 'minor' at law.Court secretaries, notaries, Civil Registry managers, justice of the peace, mayors or elected councillors can now perform marriage ceremonies and attend to fostering and adoption matters.The aim is to free up judges to clear their backlog of court cases by giving legal matters which do not involve disputes to other representatives of judicial bodies.But qualified judges are the only professionals allowed to deal with parental kidnap, contested divorces or disputed custody cases, children's rights, organ donations from live persons – to ensure the donor has not been coerced in any way and is acting voluntarily – mercantile or commercial law, or marriage ceremonies where there is doubt as to the legality, for example where the parties to the couple are blood relations or it is suspected to be a mariage blanc, or 'green-card union'.The prosecution will have to get involved where children's issues are at the centre of a legal case, where one or more parties to the case is compromised in terms of legal capacity – being a minor, or mentally disabled, for example – or for cases considered to be 'in the public interest'.Those who qualify for legal aid will get an 80% discount on court fees.Source: Think Spain

Spanish Wedding Changes in Notarial and documentary services on 1st April in Spain

With effect from 1st April 2015, marriage documentation services for British nationals who wish to marry in Spain will be centralised at the British Consulate General in Madrid and sent out by post.

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