Spring Wedding Themes
Without The Cliches

Spring wedding themes can be gorgeous without being cliched. Steer clear of pastels and pink roses, and you can even make your day stand out from the crowd. Even if you like the floral and pastel that comes with a spring wedding, you can put your own unique twist into your theme.

Here are a few spring wedding themes I really like:

Victorian Garden

This could get a little cliched, but retro-themed weddings are hot right now. Think pale blossoms in careful arrangements, lots of lace, and gorgeous gowns for you and your bridesmaids. From invitations to the menu, a Victorian wedding with a garden reception could be traditional but interesting at the same time.

Spring Wedding Themes

Single-Flower Theme

I've been seeing lots of daffodil centrepieces and invitations lately, which look bright and relaxed. Instead of packing all the pastels and blossoms you can into your wedding theme, why not centre it on a favourite spring flower? Daffodils and tulips offer bright colours and laid-back elegance, as do gerberas and roses.

Cherry Blossom Theme

Cherry blossoms are significant in many Eastern cultures, so you could have an interesting spring wedding with an Asian twist. The beautiful pink and white blossoms could take you anywhere, especially if you added in Asian-inspired dresses, invitations and menus.

Bird Theme

Today's coolest accessories are covered in feathers. I've seen loads of fascinators, hats and even shoes covered in them. As the traditional harbingers of spring, birds are definitely worthy of a wedding theme. Only instead of just feathering your accessories, you can feather just about everything from invitations to your wedding cake. Don't just stop at feathers, birds often feature big too.

bird wedding theme

These themes are still spring-like without being completely typical. Of course, it's your wedding, so if you want a punk rock theme in the middle of May, go for it.

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