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I am looking to add wedding, photographers and suppliers submissions.

I love to feature weddings and of course, great products too, so if you'd like see yourself or your brand on Modern Wedding Ideas, then I'd love to hear from you.

We do have a certain style that is featured and sometimes we're a bit fussy. If you think your style fits with Modern Wedding Ideas, then send it on over and I'll take a look. I can't feature all weddings or products, but I certainly will consider all requests.

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If you've recently got married and not had a cookie-cutter wedding, then get in touch. Simply drop me a note using the contact form below.

Don't forget to tell me when you got married, your names, a bit about your wedding, your favourite suppliers and their websites.

Photos are very important, so make sure you get permission from whoever holds the copyright before submitting your wedding (i.e. check with your photographer).

I'd also rather feature weddings that haven't been featured elsewhere on the wonder-web, so if you're submitting to lots of websites or blogs, then do let me know.

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If you've shot a wedding recently and you think it would be a great feature to add to, then let me know. Simply email me a sample of 10 or so images of the wedding to photographers @ including your details and a description.

The images should be low-res and at least 450px wide. I also welcome submissions through Two Bright Lights, a new platform for sharing your work with bloggers. If I think your event would be a good fit for Modern Wedding Ideas I will let you know within three days.


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If you supply wedding products that you think are a great fit with and you'd like to see them featured here, then use the submissions form below. Don't forget to include details of the product, the name of your company, your web address and any links to web pages of your products.

Want To Advertise Your Company Or Products?

If you have a great company or some products that you think will benefit the visitors of Modern Wedding Ideas, then please add them to the comments under the city where your business is located.

If the city is not listed please add it to the form below and I will start a new listing for your city.

What Other Suppliers Have To Offer

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