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Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer wedding flowers can be a simple way to transform your wedding day. Whether it's your bouquet, ceremony, or reception decorations, summer flowers are a way of bringing a bit of beauty to your wedding. Rather than spending a lot of money on lavish decorations, flowers can bring things to life much more elegantly.

No matter when and where you are tying the knot, you can pretty much get your hands on any type of flower.

Whatever it is, chances are that it's growing somewhere in the world, and that it can be placed in cold storage and shipped direct.

This is fine if you've wanted tropical orchids since you were seven, but I think it's really important to consider the ecological implications of this. (I am guilty as charged for shipping flowers for my own wedding.)

If you're getting married in the warmer months, you have plenty of beautiful summer wedding flowers to choose from.

Of course, roses are in bloom, which are perhaps the quintessential wedding flower.


Summer Wedding Flowers

If you're unsure what to have for your bouquet, you really can't look too far past a bouquet of ivory roses. Roses these days can be pretty much be coloured matched to any colour, theme or fabric you want. They come in an amazing array of bright and bold, as well as pure and pastel colours.

Peonies are another lovely summer bloom that are being seen more frequently in summer weddings. They're not a particular favourite of mine, especially in a bouquet. I think they do work well as a decorative flower in a table centrepiece though. I've seen them turned into fresh flower garlands, and also set up floating in a bowl of water on tables.

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A friend of mine surprised me recently when she announced that she was planning to decorate her reception with hydrangeas. I always considered them a very old fashioned type of flower. On the day, she had single bunches of blooms in simple white pots. The beautiful hydrangeas didn't need any other flowers to complement them. The result was quite striking and very elegant - perfect for a vintage wedding.


Many vintage-loving brides are choosing to have irises in their bouquet. The first time I saw this was at a wedding which had an Art Deco theme. The bride wore a long, ivory dress which was very sleek and elegant, without any busy detail. Her bouquet was a made up of six long-stemmed irises.


If you're getting married on a beach, or perhaps somewhere abroad, I think that lilies make a great choice for summer wedding flowers. There is something a little bit exotic about lilies that go with warm weather and exotic locations. Lilies too make an excellent flower for decoration, and would look fantastic as a part of a floral centrepiece.

Pick Your Own

Perhaps my favourite idea for summer wedding flowers is to simply pick some yourself to have some fresh flower bouquets. Perhaps you can get them from your own garden, or a neighbour's. Sure, if you have every detail of your wedding planned out this may not suit your style, but I think it is quite a nice idea, albeit slightly high risk!

A similar idea is to visit a good local florist on the morning of your special day and pick out the best bunch of local, summer flowers. Fasten it yourself with a bit of ribbon, and you have the perfect bright summer flowers.

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Wedding Cake Flowers

Another trend I've noticed is many couples using fresh flowers on their wedding cake, rather than the moulded fondant creations that many cakes have. Fresh flowers on a cake can look amazing. It's also very easy to do yourself if you are thinking of making your own cake.

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Lovely seasonal summer wedding flowers will bring a bit of beauty and elegance to any wedding. Why search the globe for flowers for your bouquet when we have so many wonderful choices here at home?

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