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Summer Wedding Ideas

Just thinking about summer wedding ideas makes me feel warm and happy! When I think about summer weddings, outdoor ceremonies immediately come to mind. There are lots of other great directions that your summer wedding might take you though, from your dress, to your menu, to your theme.

Summer is a great opportunity to take advantage of some really great outdoor wedding locations. An outdoor blessing can be a really memorable way to tie the knot, especially if you and your partner love to enjoy the outdoors together.

Parks, beaches, woodlands or even your garden are all great places for your ceremony. Before you run off and start planning make sure you get permission if you're having a ceremony in a public place. Of course, you'll also need to do the legal stuff beforehand at a register office.

A friend's garden party wedding is something I always recall when thinking about summer wedding ideas. In just the company of her soon-to-be-husband and a couple of willing witnesses, they made it official in a local register.

The couple then had a romantic outdoor ceremony in a gorgeous local ruined castle. The stylings of this wedding were quite simple, the bride was in a white off-the-rack dress and the groom in a classic black suit that he already owned. Her bouquet was made up of roses she purchased from a local florist that morning.

The reception was a tea party on the lawn afterwards. There was punch and champagne, and plenty of cupcakes and nibbles to enjoy. All of the guests were encouraged to bring chairs and blankets, so everyone was comfortable, and the weather was perfect. Naturally, there was a bit of cricket and even some boules as the afternoon wore on. It was a very relaxed wedding and just perfect for the personalities of the couple.

unique outdoor wedding ideas

Summer Wedding Themes

There are some great themes that could be perfect for summer wedding ideas. If you love the idea of an outdoor wedding, but have something a little more casual in mind, a themed outdoor wedding could work really well. A farm wedding is a great theme to explore.

Summer Wedding Themes

Sure, the farm wedding theme has been done before, but the summer weather can make it even more enjoyable even for your guests. If you and your partner are city-dwellers, it's a chance to invite family and friends away for a country weekend.

While it's still a good idea to have a back up plan like a marquee, tipee or other form of covering, you could easily plan to have a ceremony and reception outside. Themed activities like a hayride could go down well with guests. Decorate your venue with bales of hay, scarecrows, pumpkins or whatever takes your fancy.

If you're looking for unique summer wedding ideas, you might like to consider an Alice in Wonderland theme. This can make for a really fun day, you can invite your guests to dress up too; Alice-inspired dresses for the girls and top hats for the boys. I've seen this done once before and it was quite spectacular.

The setting was in a garden, while the bride and groom where dressed accordingly, the guests were not. The place settings featured character drawings from the original book, and tiny white rabbits and pocket watches featured as centrepieces. The favours were very cute: macaroons in boxes labelled 'eat me'. Later in the day a croquet set was produced and guests invited to have a shot (the rules were modified to give everyone a turn).

Summer Wedding Ideas

There are plenty of interesting summer wedding ideas that can make your day really memorable. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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