Tea Wedding Favours
An Array Of Flavours To Suit All Tastes

Tea wedding favours are a really simple idea that works at any style of wedding. I'm not talking PG Tips, but speciality teas with delicate flavours and pretty packaging.

Teas are inexpensive (in most cases), can be beautifully presented and is enjoyed by the majority of the population. It is suitable for almost every age of guest and there are also plenty of varieties to suit any wedding.

Recently my friend had some favours at her country wedding. Having it on a lavender farm meant that lavender infused herbal teas were the perfect favour. It was packaged beautifully, in recycled paper and twine with specialised messages featuring the bride and groom's names.

When you think about it, personalized tea wedding favours can fit in with any kind of event you might have planned.

If you're having a simple wedding, offering a few samples of a nice brand of English Breakfast or Earl Grey will do the trick fine. There are plenty of suppliers who will package it up for you with personalised printed labels, or you could even like to do it yourself.

Flower Tea

Flower Tea

For an elegant affair, you might like to choose something more fitting like white tea. A really unique idea I saw recently was flower tea, also called art tea. Made up of dried fruit and flowers, this was designed to be as appealing visually as it is tasty.

When you place the tea in a glass of hot water it actually blooms before your eyes. Where it was served, guests all had a clear glass. After dinner, hot water was brought around and everyone got to watch it bloom.

It actually looked too nice to drink!

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

I always love it when I receive some really nice herbal tea as a favour. I really think if you're going to have tea wedding favours then this is the way to go.

People like it, but don't often buy them. Whereas they have plenty of black tea in the cupboard at home, some peppermint, jasmine, or camomile is something a little bit different. If you are sticking to organic produce, or are just keeping an earthy theme, herbal teas will also fit in well.

Presenting Your Tea

An important part of having tea as a wedding favour is the presentation. You need to decide just how much tea you will give your guests and how many different types.

Personally, I think two or three different varieties is about right. Packaging is important too, a nice touch is to dress up your favours with personalised messages for guests, or just perhaps the guest's name. These could double up as place names on tables too.

tea bag wedding favours

One thing I've seen that I have really liked is giving away a self-brewing mug along with some tea. These clear cups are gorgeous, but they're not cheap. However, guests will keep them and get a lot of use from them.

Tea Table Theme

Tea Wedding Favours

You could also make a feature of your wedding tea favours. You might like to have a table set up with a variety of loose leaf teas to select from. Guests can take a bag and choose which kinds they would like as their favour.

You could make this a real focal point: you could dress the table up with old teapots kettles or vintage china: ideal if you're having a tea party theme.

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