Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Unique wedding ceremony ideas are a great way of making your ceremony a true expression of the love you and your partner share. If the traditional way of getting married is a bit boring, or just doesn't feel right for you, consider some of these alternatives.

Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

You all know how it goes. The groom waits at the end of the aisle, accompanied by a priest or celebrant, along with a few good friends. The bride walks down the aisle, her father gives her away, they both face the celebrant and exchange vows outlining their love and commitment.

For so long, this has been the norm, so it's difficult to mix it up with unique wedding ceremony ideas.

Just how far can you go? What's appropriate and should you mess with tradition?

With these unique wedding ceremony ideas, I try to do just that.

Who says you have to walk up an aisle or not face your guests? Have a read of these different and unique wedding ceremony ideas and see if you can add them into your celebration.

Walking Down the Aisle: Or Not

Walking down the aisle

There is no longer any need to be given away by your father as a bride anymore. I've seen many brides given away by their mother, an uncle, both parents, a teenage child, or simply on their own.

The person who walks you down the aisle should be somebody who has played an important role in your life, or someone who you look up to.

Other unique wedding ceremony ideas could involve not having an aisle at all. Both bride and groom could arrive at the ceremony together, come in from the side or from the front, depending of course on the layout of your ceremony venue.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

When it comes to your music, don't be afraid to stray away from Pachabel's Canon in D. It's truly been done to death.

A string quartet, or other live music can add a really elegant touch to your ceremony. You could also choose a modern song that you both like or rock your way into your ceremony.

The Wedding Party

unique ideas for wedding ceremony

Most weddings have a bridal party, usually 3 or 4 bridesmaids and groomsmen, plus the odd flowergirl and pageboy. Of course, you don't have to have a bridal party.

One that I went to last year had no bridesmaids or groomsmen, but instead had several little flowergirls and pageboys running around. It was very cute.

When my sister-in-law got married, she had her two sons act as pageboys in their small and casual ceremony. It was a lovely way of making them a part of the day.

Another custom that I've seen gaining momentum is grooms having best women, and brides having best men. Just like the person who walks you down the aisle should be someone important in your life, your attendants should be as well. If your lifelong best friend is of the opposite sex, why shouldn't they be at your side on your special day?

Move your guests

It's always seemed a little strange to me that a bride and groom have their backs to their guests for the better part of the ceremony. There isn't really any reason why you can't both face your guests instead. You could do this by having your celebrant facing the other way, or all three of you standing side on.

unique wedding ceremony ideas

I think seeing the bride and groom's faces while they exchange their vows is quite lovely and is one of my favourite unique ideas for a ceremony. It's one of the most important parts of a wedding, why have everyone staring at the back of your head during it?

You can also move away from the traditional seating arrangements at a ceremony.

Instead of having the guests in rows, why not have them in a circle around you both? Being surrounded by a warm and welcoming circle of friends is a great way to be while making your vows. The circle is quite symbolic to weddings, it's an eternal shape with no beginning, and no end.

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