Unique Wedding Rings

Choosing unique wedding rings together is a lovely sentiment to share with your partner. Your relationship is unique, your rings should symbolise this. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life.

Choosing a design and style that you like, and that represents your wedding vows, is an important decision. If you don't want to wear a plain gold band, there are plenty of other good ideas that can be used to make your ring different.

What makes a ring unique?

There are many different approaches to coming up with ideas for unique wedding rings. You might choose to do something simple, like an engraving.

It might be an element of design, or material that makes your ring different. On the other end of the scale there are flamboyant and unusual designs that will really see your ring stand out in the crowd.

Choosing an unusual design is probably the most obvious way of making your rings unique. You can simply shop around for something a little more unusual, or look for a designer who can create one-off unique ring for you.

Of course, there is always the option of designing your own bands. A nice sentiment is to design each other's rings. You don't need to be especially talented, a good jeweller will be able to bring your designs to life.

On a similar strain, you could also choose the engraving for each other's rings.

unusual wedding rings

Find a way with words

A friend of mine got married last year, she was originally from Argentina. When planning her wedding, she went through her own parent's album and found a love note her father had written to her mother, in Spanish. This quote made an appearance on their invitations and order of service, and also was engraved on the inside of their rings ehich made them unique.

engraved wedding ring

Engraving the inside of a ring has been custom in many cultures for hundreds of years. A popular engraving is the first names of the bride and groom, along with the wedding date.

Engraving your date also means there is no excuse for forgetting your anniversary! For those into engravings of the more permanent kind, a trend started by celebrities was to have the ring finger tattooed with a wedding ring, or the name of their new spouse.

Recently, I've seen more couples choose to have the outside of their rings engraved. While this is a lovely choice, every time you look at your hand you will see the message you and your partner chose, the downside is that people are going to constantly ask you what it means. If you don't mind explaining, this is fine.

Personally, I prefer a quote in a romantic language such as French or Italian on the inside of rings. I think this is much more personal, sentimental and creates perfect unique wedding rings for you and your partner. It's also a nice way to share a message with your partner that you don't want others to know.

Unusual Materials Make Unique Wedding Rings

One way of creating unique wedding rings is to choose a more unique material. There are far more choices out there than white and yellow gold.

black titanium wedding rings   mens titanium wedding rings

Titanium is a good choice for a man, and has been around for some time, however there are now more women's rings available in titanium as well.

Wooden rings are a good idea if you are looking for an eco-friendly option.

Wood wedding rings

You can also have a mixed-medium ring, for instance something silver with a rosewood inlay. I've also seen wooden rings with beautiful engravings carved into the inside.

One more unique material for your rings is tungsten carbide. You may be more familiar with this material in your power tools than in your jewellery.

Tungsten is three times more durable than steel, its hardiness making it an ideal material for jewellery. If your partner is into DIY, then suggesting a ring made of tungsten will likely get them excited. A unique black tungsten wedding bands are a great choice if you want to get away from the silver and gold look.

Alternative to Traditional Rings

My wedding ring is pretty ordinary, so is my husband's. We both went to the jeweller a few months before our wedding and bought plain bands. In hindsight, I would have liked to have given more thought to our rings, and maybe have chosen something that was less traditional and even the slightest bit interesting.

Unique Wedding Rings

The problem I have with rings, whether unique wedding rings or not, is that they have become a social marker. Instead of being a sign of the commitment you and your partner have made, they are a strange kind of symbol that tells other people that you're married.

I really think that the meaning of your rings should only be kept between partners. I think the other thing that has turned me off rings is the huge focus that people put on engagement rings, instead of the actual wedding ring, which is far more symbollic.

I really think a lot of girls are more excited about getting a diamond than the fact that they have found someone to share the rest of their life with.

Finally, it doesn't have to be a wedding ring at all. For instance, my best friend has a tattoo in Kanji on her shoulder blade, shortly after her wedding, her husband got the same symbol on his arm. No one has realised they have the same tattoo; I only know as I'm her best friend. For her though, this has far more sentiment than a piece of gold and something she'll never lose.

Whether you're chosing a tattoo or a set of his and hers unique wedding rings, it's important to remember the symbolism of what you're doing and the meaning behind the rings rather than the expense, clarity or cut.

Unique Ring Ideas

Be Stylish With A Vintage Wedding Ring
Choosing a vintage ring is one of the best ways to really do something a little bit different.

Design Your Own Wedding Rings
Designing your own wedding ring and you are creating a personal keepsake of the promises that you make to your partner.

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