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Unusual Wedding Cakes

Unusual wedding cakes are a great way to put your own creative stamp on your wedding. Traditional cakes have really become a thing of the past. It's rare that you see fruit cake served at weddings these days.

Cupcakes, croquembouche, even giant towers of sweets are all common sights at weddings, replacing something traditional. That said, it's still easy to come up with unusual ideas for having a creative cake.

Unusual Quirky Cakes

One of the more unusual wedding cakes I've seen was a cheesecake. Not the type you're thinking, it was actually a whole block of cheese served up as a cake. Later in the evening, it was cut up and served with an antipasto platter after dinner. Not a bad idea if you don't have a sweet tooth.

Unusual cakes with sloping tiers also look great. Another option is to have each tie made in a different colour.

You can also use decorations to make it come to life, whether it's your bride and groom toppers, or other unusual ideas you come up with. Cakes covered in sweets look cute and are always a big hit with younger guests.

Using bright and bold colour is another way you can make it stand out. You don't have to stick with off-white and pastel pink. Cakes in bold primary colours can really make a statement. Another idea is to use two contrasting colours, like pink and brown.

Unusual Ways to Make Your Cake Different

Unusual Wedding Cakes

If you have a favourite kind of cake that both you and your partner love, then you should use this as your cake. It might be carrot, chocolate, or just a simple sponge. You could even go for an unusual ice cream cake if that's what you like.

If you have a more unusual theme then now is a great time to incorporate it. From castles to pirate ships you can have it made in any shape, I've seen cakes look like fairy-tale pumpkins and even guitars, Super-Mario and Pacman inspired cakes as well.

One way to make unusual wedding cakes stand out is how you serve it. If you're giving your guests a piece to take home, then make sure your bags fit in with your style and theme.

Don't forget about your knife. Of course, this is not essential as venues will always have a knife in the kitchen, but many brides and grooms are opting to bring their own. You can have your knife and serving platter personalised with your names and wedding date, a lovely keepsake to keep in your kitchen.

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If you are having a themed cake you can also fit your knife into this theme to really get the details perfect. For instance, you could choose something delicate and elegant for a vintage theme, or a giant meat clever for a gothic wedding. Likewise, you could get customised cupcake wrappers that match your theme.

I love wedding cakes. This is probably because my grandmother made a career out of wedding cakes, and even won awards for some of her creations. I spent a good part of my childhood making fruit cake and rolling out icing sugar at her side.

The most traditional part of my wedding was the cake; it was real fruit cake, ivory in colour, and weighed close to 12 kilograms, all made by mother's fair hand. We kept it simple with a little floral arrangement on top. If I was doing it again, then I'd probably get a more unusual and interesting topper to make it stand out in the realms of other unusual wedding cakes.

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