Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

There are vintage wedding cake toppers out there that look exquisite. I've seen beautiful vintage figurines, art deco brides and grooms, and once a beautiful jewelled arrangement. However, if you start doing some research on wedding cakes from a particular era, you might hit a dead end.

Until recently, cakes rarely had toppers. If they did it would be fondant flowers, or on a rare occasion, a bride and groom figurine not to dissimilar from the ones we have today.

The cakes of the past were far simpler than the ones we have today. If you are after a true vintage cake, choose something simple with a couple of tiers and some flowers and ribbon. It may sound simple, but will look quite beautiful.

Pastel shades can really fit in well with a vintage theme. At a lawn garden wedding a pale green and pink cake I saw looked a treat. You can also go for bold colours for vintage cakes. White and red or white and black look striking together.

If your idea of a cake for your vintage theme was a lot more elaborate, don't despair. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Vintage toppers do actually exist. The most common vintage topper I've seen is of a bride and groom in period dress. If you and your partner are tying the knot in old fashioned fare, then having vintage wedding cake toppers to match can look fantastic.

Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

You might be hard pressed to find toppers readymade, however you can easily find someone to make a set of clay figurines to match you both perfectly.

I did this for my own wedding, an artist made a figurine of me and my husband. I found her online and simply sent across pictures of us along with details of what we were wearing. I had a simple cake, along with a few fondant flowers, so the fingurine really brought it to life.

You may be able to source an actual vintage bride and groom for your cake. While this is a lovely touch, it can be quite difficult to actually find. Many that I've come across have been damaged or are discoloured.

vintage wedding cakes

You don't need to use a vintage cake topper to bring your theme to your wedding. A very casual wedding I went to recently (the bride wore a little black dress) featured a two tiered round white cake decorated simply with black lace draped across it. The lace was original, and taken from a dress that once belonged to the bride's grandmother.

Bunting is a great ideas for vintage wedding cake toppers. You can easily make this yourself, and source out vintage style bunting that will complement your theme. Again, this can look fantastic in white or ivory icing.

vintage wedding cake

Your vintage topper could also incorporate themes of emblems from the day. A friend of mine had a poster made up of his family crest, he had it on display at his ceremony. It was a really nice touch that brought his family history into the wedding. On the cake, a simple one tier cake, the crest was recreated. You could really use this idea with any emblem that you use.

While actual vintage wedding cake toppers may have been pretty simple back in the day, there are plenty of fun and unique ways that you can make your vintage style cake beautiful.

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