Vintage Wedding Dresses

With vintage wedding dresses, there's the option to be fun and a little quirky, or you can be super elegant and glamorous. That's what I love about vintage, it can be so many things to different people.

These days there seem to be more and more vintage specialists cropping up as well, so it's getting easier to find a dress that work with your chosen vintage theme.

Over the last hundred years, less and less people have discarded clothes. They've looked after them, kept and stored them carefully and now they're re-appearing in the vintage circles and coming into vogue.

For some Edwardian dresses with their long sleeves, abundance of lace, modest neck and hemlines are making a resurgence over the pond in the US.

You'll find an abundance of 1950s style dresses, clinched at the waist and with full skirts to the knee pushed up with pretty petticoats that are a throwback to Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and even Marylin.

These pretty vintage styles ooze feminity, whilst being that little bit quirky and certainly coquettish, in a sweet innocent kind of way. I have a preference for a shorter dress as they're practical, structured (so help hide a multitude of sins) and can work well on most girl's shapes (the structured, boned bodices help).

vintage style wedding dresses

On the catwalks of the wedding shows, there are also plenty of elegant sleek lines from the 1930s. These vintage style wedding dresses are made for tall, slim figures and they look totally gorgeous on. You don't often see these in the vintage shops, but you'll certainly see modern day designers taking onboard the feel.

Recently I saw Madeline Isaac-James' collections and she's clearly saying a big 'hello' to vintage in her collection. In particular, her 'Starlet' collection is sultry, distinctive and elegant - typically 1930s.

flapper wedding dresses   vintage wedding dress

Whichever era you're into, you'll be able to find something that suits and something that's in your price range.

Vintage wedding dresses have everything going for them. They're unique, different, make you stand out from the crowd and are classically timeless. They also add a bit of fun to your special day.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

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