Vintage Wedding Shoes

We all know vintage is hot right now. But what about your vintage wedding shoes? A vintage wedding can be a great way to mix up tradition, glamour, and funky new ideas to create a wedding that's uniquely your own.

Of course, if you're going to do a vintage style wedding, it all has to start with your look - your gown, your jewellery, your hair, and, of course, your shoes.

Whether your dress is sleek, short or modern, you've got to have the perfect vintage style wedding shoes to set it off. Your shoes are probably your most important accessory, and they also make for some interesting and unique photo opportunities.

Where to go for shoes, though? I think Rachel Simpson and Harriet Wilde both have great designs for a vintage style wedding.

Rachel Simpson

Rachel Simpson shoes tend to be almost totally leather, with lace and ribbon accents. I love her Eva from the Ivory Collection. Peep-toes are one of my favourites for weddings because they are so feminine and let you show off your pedicure. The Eva's have a fun sweeping design in the front and light silver accents that give them just a touch of glam.

Rachel Simpson Shoes

Credit: Camilla

Vintage wedding shoes

Credit: Carmen

They're definitely not the only ones worth looking at, though. The Hettie gives a vintage feel with a totally different style. The strap is perfectly cute, and the rounded toes with their tiny embellishment are sweet and girly. Plus, these shoes are made from suede, which just gives them a softer, more interesting look.

My favourite is the Marilyn though. I just love the sumptuous satin bow. With Rachel Simpson shoes there really is a mouth-wateringly large array to choose from, no matter what era you're recreating.

Rachel Simpson Shoes

Credit: Hettie

Vintage wedding shoes

Credit: Marilyn

Harriet Wilde

The vintage wedding shoes by Harriet Wilde have an altogether different look. One of the best parts about these shoes, actually, is that they're made from silk and can be dyed, which means you can choose to have shoes in a fabulous bright colour, rather than the traditional white.

Harriet's shoes are a little more girly and a little less traditional, mainly because the embellishments tend to be a little larger. Take the Bella Ivory shoes, for example. They have a big netted corsage on the outside of each toe. It makes for a fun look, and you can even order the shoes with a black corsage for more contrast.

Harriet Wilde Shoes

Credit: Margot

Vintage wedding shoes

Credit: Bella

If you want something that really stands out, try the Margot glitter shoes that come in silver or gold. They'd pair perfectly with sparkly accessories - or no accessories at all if you want your beautiful shoes to be a focal point.

I'm not really a big fan of platforms, but I do like the round toes and thin little ankle strap. These could be fantastic shoes for a Hollywood style wedding.

Either one of these designers probably has a shoe that will suit your style. Just check out all the options they have to offer. Which vintage wedding shoes would look best with your dress?

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