Original Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Finding wedding bouquet ideas outside of the traditional is a great way to add your own style to your ceremony. Let's face it: we've all seen brides walk down the aisle many a time with the same bouquets.

Instead of simply looking in a photo album at a florist's shop and pointing at something, there are many other unique, and much more interesting ideas that you can use as a bouquet.

Moving Away From Tradition

When I first met with my photographer, I paid a compliment to a dress I saw one bride wearing in a photo. My photographer rolled her eyes, and replied that she loved it too; just as she had loved it on the six other brides she had photographed wearing it over the last year.

One of the main reasons that I didn't want to pick the traditional, mainstream options for my wedding, is that when you do the same things as everyone else, you can disappear into the crowd, so to speak.

You only get one special day, it should be as memorable and unique as you are. When thinking about wedding bouquet ideas, the same principles apply. Yes, roses are lovely, but we've all seen them before.

Non-Tacky Fake Flowers

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Fake flowers are no longer tacky, especially when it comes to wedding bouquet ideas. I'm not talking about those plastic things they keep on the table at cheap restaurants. There are fake flowers that look just as good as the real thing.

A silk flower bouquets can look stunning, and it's also something that you can keep as a memento, or simply give to a friend that has helped you out. Hopefully, you won't be tossing your bouquet and making all your single friends feel inadequate, as that really is tacky.

silk flower wedding bouquets

A trend that I really like is felt flowers. If you're crafty, you could probably put these together yourself. There are also bouquets that you can buy on sites like Etsy. These are very cute to look at, but I do think you need to have a particular kind of theme running for these to work.

For example, if you were getting married outdoors, or were having a more casual wedding with other non-traditional elements then these would be perfect.

My pick of bouquets would be jewelled arrangements or brooch bouquets. Made of new and vintage beads and jewels, jewelled bouquets can be made in a range of styles and colours to fit in with the rest of your wedding.

You can also get matching buttonholes, and even hair combs. These very elegant bouquets will look gorgeous in any type of wedding.

If you want to stick with a traditional style bouquet, but give it an edge, then one way to do it is to add some non floral elements. I've seen jewels wired into bouquets that can look great. Adding leaves, berries, or seed pods is another good idea.

fake wedding flowers   fake wedding flowers

Organic Bouquets Without Flowers

Organic bouquets are another idea around at the moment that can look fantastic if you are looking for an alternative to wedding bouquet ideas. Organic bouquets are made up of items that come from nature, such as leaves, seed pods, or kernels, but no flowers.

They're another good idea for an outdoor or eco-friendly wedding. These can be a good choice if you or someone in the bridal party has allergies, but you still want something natural for your bouquet.

Not Having Flowers at All

If none of these wedding bouquet ideas are getting you excited, then don't have any flowers at all. Walk down the aisle with a gorgeous handbag, a candle, a leather-bound copy of a favourite book, or simply with nothing at all. I considered doing this for mine, but backed out a few weeks before for the silly reason that I was not sure what I would do with my hands.

Looking back, this really isn't a problem at all and is not worth worrying about. No one will be looking at your hands.

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