Daring To Be Different With
Wedding Cake Designs

Wedding cake designs don't need to bore your guests! I've seen so many brides and grooms just opt for a traditional one without giving it any thought.

It's 2 or 3 tiers, ivory, with some flowers on the top. No one gets excited about it, in fact there are many couples out there who are only having one because they feel they should.

It doesn't have to be this way! There are far more fun and interesting cake designs out there than ever before. Finding a unique design that is perfect for your wedding is easy.

Designs We've Seen Before

You probably wouldn't want to wear the same dress that your mother or grandmother wore to their wedding.

I'm baffled that the same designs have been floating around for fifty years. They're round, square, or in the shape of the dreaded heart.

Most often they are found in two tiers, and covered in marzipan and icing. Inside, it's usually fruit.

It's not that there is anything wrong with traditional wedding cake designs. It's just that we have seen them all before. Yawn.

It's Time to get Creative

Wedding Cake Designs

Admittedly, there are some interesting designs out there. I think that you just need to work to find them.

Some close friends of mine are getting married early next year, and I was quite offended to hear that they were not having a cake. Their reasoning is that firstly, that they are boring and dated, and secondly, that no one likes fruit cake anyway. (Not true! My husband ate our whole cake within days of the wedding.)

Your cake does not need to be full of fruit and it certainly doesn't need to look like a wedding cake! Serve up a decadent chocolate mud cake, a tower of cupcakes, or even a croqembouche.

wedding cake decoration ideas wedding cake decoration ideas

Needless to say, I am forcing my friends to have one. (I'm making it for them, it's a hidden talent of mine.) They're now having a carrot cake big enough to serve forty guests, complete with cream cheese icing and a gorgeous topper I found on Etsy. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's right up their alley and I'm sure they will be excited when they see it.

Everyone loves cake, and everyone loves weddings. So it makes sense that people should start getting excited about the designs again.

Different Shapes for Wedding Cake Designs

If you would like to have one to remember, you might like to consider some different shapes. One of the trends that I'm loving is one that is sloping. You need to have three or four tiers for this to look really effective. Alternating colours for each tier really can make these cakes look fantastic.

wedding cakes ideas wedding cakes ideas wedding cakes ideas

At the moment I'm also really into round cakes. Round like a ball that is! Sure, the first time I saw a round cake was at my football-obsessed nephew's third birthday party, but now they are making an appearance as wedding cakes too.

wedding cake designs ideas wedding cake designs ideas

Unusual Wedding Cake Designs

Wedding cake designs are only limited by your creativity! There are cakes shaped like castles, suitcases, and even your bridal bed! There are many designs to choose from talented chefs, and many people willing to do custom one-off orders for you.

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