Favourite Wedding Cake Recipes

I have a growing collection of wedding cake recipes. In fact, I have a growing collection of recipes for wedding cakes, full stop! If you love your baked goodies, then you are probably very keen to make sure you find the perfect kind of cake for your reception.

My grandmother made wedding cakes for a living, so I grew up fascinated with recipe books and cakes that could be made to look like castles, guitars, and footballs.

Back then, you were pretty much stuck with having fruit cake with marzipan and royal icing for a wedding. The fun cakes got saved for birthday parties.

These days there is a lot more freedom to have a bit of fun and be creative with your wedding cake.

Personally, I don't think anything beats traditional fruit cake. But really, its appeal for the guests eating it is kind of limited. I find that people either love fruit and would eat it all day, or are entirely offended by it.

Every now and then I will offer to make wedding cakes for friends, and while I get a bit excited when they do choose fruit cake, I have reluctantly started to accept that it's not for everyone.

Wedding Cake Recipes

The next best thing, if you want to stay traditional with your wedding cake recipes, is chocolate mud cake. It's dense and heavy enough that you can still ice and decorate it, but it's much more likely that your guests will enjoy it.

Chocolate mud recipes really seems to outdo the fruit ones at weddings these days, and for good reason. Every time I see it being served, I notice that everyone takes a piece, and it usually gets eaten straight away.

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Light Summer Recipes

In summer, it makes more sense to serve up something lighter.

A lemon one is a great alternative for the warmer months. Of course, cheesecakes always go down as a treat as well. Carrot cake is great in summer, especially with cream cheese frosting. A lesser known alternative is hummingbird cake, which is a combination of carrot, apple and lemon.

If you really love the idea of fruit cake, there are some good alternative wedding cake recipes like a champagne cake that can work. Swap the traditional brandy for champagne, and soak lighter dried fruit like pear, apple, and cranberries, rather than the traditional currants and sultanas. The finished product comes out light in colour and flavour, and will impress your guests to no end. For something special, a little bit of red food dye turns it into pink champagne cake.

For some friends that are getting married next summer, I plan to serve a mixed one, with a tier of dark fruit cake, and a smaller second tier of champagne cake. I'm then doing a few butter cupcakes for kids, and those that don't like fruit cakes.

Unique Ideas for Cakes

Can't decide on the perfect recipes? Why not serve up a multi-tiered wedding cake with a different flavour in each layer? This way, all of your guests will get a slice of something they like.

You really don't need to follow any special rules when putting your cake together. Just simply use recipes for cakes that you and your partner will enjoy.

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