Follow These Easy Steps For Wedding celebrity skin!

Let's make sure you achieve Wedding celebrity skin by  your wedding day, because you'll be the celebrity,

By that I actually mean as near to a flawless complexion as possible because celebs certainly don't always have perfect skin - they just have the money to disguise it better.

You may inherit a basic skin type but its condition can change with your age, your environment and even with the different seasons of the year. So be prepared to compensate for these influences and adapt your skin care routine to keep your complexion at its best.

It's not all about products

The environment you live in and your general lifestyle may contribute more than you realise to the condition of your skin. Sure, regular use of facial cleansers, toners and moisturisers will improve its condition. However, your skin is the largest organ in your body (yes, really!) so what goes on inside your body will affect it too.

I know you probably don't want to hear this but . . . . stress, poor diet, insufficient sleep and lack of exercise will make your skin look dull, grey and (sorry!) old! Certainly not what we probably regard as celebrity skin!

I'm not saying you have to move to the country - but bear in mind that exhaust fumes and city living can damage the skin and cause clogged and grimy pores. So extra cleansing is a must.

Working in over-heated offices or being out in drying, windy conditions takes the moisture out of your skin (just like it does your laundry!) and you may find you need to compensate with a richer moisturiser.

Need I tell you that over-indulgence in alcohol, sunbathing and smoking is also bad for your skin?! OK, so this is turning into a bit of a lecture! But you want to be a beautiful bride, don't you?!

Home facial products - the basics of Wedding Celebrity Skin

The basics should never be missed. That's a cleanser, a freshener or toner and a moisturiser. Spend a few minutes every day working on the condition of your complexion - and you'll be glad you did.

Choose good skin care products (they don't have to be expensive) and use them every day, especially before you go to bed. It's only in films and TV that the celebs go to bed with their makeup on! We all do it once it a while but your skin will suffer if you do it too often.


Take off makeup, surface grime, excess sebum (oil), dirt and dead skin cells without upsetting the natural balance of your skin.

Don't just work on your face.  Pay attention to your decolletage too - i.e. from the neck down.   This area is most likely on show just as much as your face.


A mild freshener (for dry skin) or more astringent toner (for oily) acts like an additional rinse for the skin and restores its natural Ph balance.


Protect with a moisturiser.   Moisture is the most important element in the chemistry of the skin, whatever type you have. Used daily, under makeup, it will help seal in the skin's natural moisture and act as a base, as well as offset evaporating effects of the environment.

If you suffer from dry skin you may want to start using a night cream too - after cleansing and toning before bed.

Special Treatments

Your daily skin care routine is the most important factor with regard to improving your complexion but you might also want to use a special treatment, like an exfoliator or  a masque, during your home facial, once a week or so.

One tip though - don't use both these skin care products on the same day, especially if your skin is at all sensitive.   And don't use them too close to the ceremony.  At least 24 hours before is recommended.

With your wedding celebrity skin taken care of, your wedding makeup then has the best opportunity to look stunning!