Wedding Centrepiece Ideas
Take A Break From Flowers

Finding original wedding centrepiece ideas is a lot easier than you might think. The first step I would suggest anyone makes is to get away from the idea of flowers.

It's not that there is anything wrong with them, just that they have been done to death.

When you see the same thing all the time, it stops having any real impact. Yes, they're pretty, but if you want something original, why not try something different and skip flowers?

When thinking of wedding centrepiece ideas, it helps to keep in mind that the purpose of the centrepiece is to create a focal point.

A good centrepiece is attractive, eye-catching, and hopefully, creative. It should also help carry your theme from your ceremony to reception.

Idea for Wedding Table Centerpiece

Your focal point doesn't need to be limited to a 'table' centrepiece. There are plenty of wedding centrepiece ideas that create atmosphere and help contribute to your theme. You can include focal points at both your ceremony and reception.

At the ceremony it might be a wedding arch, a canopy, altar or a feature window. At the reception you might make your focal points more decorative than functional - it could be a sculpture, vintage furniture, displays hanging from the roof or unique lighting ideas.

Your focal point can also be fun. You might have a candy bar, a musician or an entertainer (that's right, a focal point can be moving). If you are having an outdoor wedding you could have an ice cream truck or a candy floss stall.

This is a great way to incorporate something that you and your partner enjoy together into your wedding day, or perhaps something you enjoyed as children.

Often wedding centrepiece ideas can be really over the top, or just too plain.

wedding centrepiece ideas

One wedding I recently went to hired out large rustic-looking candelabras for the cake table, as well as a table set up with a guest book. The rest of the tables were decorated with plenty of small tea light candles giving off a lovely warm, soft light.

Another wedding had very small centrepieces on each table, then a long floral and fruit arrangement that stretched the length of the top table.

Of course, candles aren't going to do it for everyone. Garlands are a simple way to bring colour into your reception. In a similar fashion, paper cranes, either dotted around the tables or hanging as mobiles from the ceilings can also look good.

idea for wedding table centerpiece

Light is something that many brides and grooms overlook when looking for centrepiece ideas. If you have a vintage or retro theme going on, consider finding old lamps from second-hand shops to use as decoration. You may be able to find lots of other gems from second-hand shops as well, including vases, crockery or ornaments.

A wedding arch for you and your bridal party to enter through at the reception is a great idea that can be decorated in many ways. Cover it with tissue paper, streamers, ribbons, or flowers. If your guests will be arriving quite a while before you, you could ask them to write a wish for you both on paper, and tie it to an arch made of wire, similar to Japanese paper prayers or a wish tree.

If you want to use a flower arragement for your centerpiece, take a look at this video for some great inspiration.

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