Wedding Cruises
Would You Really?

Wedding cruises: would you do it? Most would say no. I'm not in the market for a cruise, as it's not really my thing, but for many, taking a cruise is an amazingly popular option. And, getting married on a cruise is fast becoming the preferred choice for many that want to escape the chills of Blightly for an escapist wedding at sea (or on a tropical white beach).

A cruise ship wedding is the same as any normal cruise, where you sail from port to port, taking in different cities, countries, and locations. And of course, you also get married. When you're at sea, the captain has the power to marry a couple and cruise liners these days have dedicated wedding chapels, which are often quite nice spaces.

You also get to take in the sweeping views of the ocean while you say your vows making an unforgettable memory. In most cases, there's a dedicated wedding planner who looks after all the details for you, so, it's a hassle-free way to tie the knot.

Many couples also have a destination wedding while they are on a cruise trip. For instance, they may get married on a tropical island rather than on board the ship, saying their vows on the beach or at the chapel of their choice.

You don't have to go on a massive cruise liner either, there are actually plenty of smaller cruise companies offering bespoke wedding cruise options, including private charters.

Cruise holidays are often associated with the retirees, but these days, there are actually plenty of cruise offerings that target a younger audience. The big drawback of wedding cruises is that a lot of friends and family won't be able to come.

Wedding Cruises

You're also very limited in choices like wedding decorations and photographers, and your wedding at sea may not be legally binding at home, so a trip to the register office may be required when the honeymoon is over.

Many of the reasons that a lot of us wouldn't consider getting married at sea, are the very reasons that thousands of people are opting for this kind of celebration every day. Your guests are limited, which for some can be beneficial. It won't be an extravagant, over the top affair, so perfect for those wanting a low-key, private wedding. Likewise, it's also popular with those getting married for the second time.

Cruise ship wedding are surprisingly affordable. They cost much less than the average wedding, and it's all inclusive of a honeymoon. In a way, it's a kind of destination wedding, with a whole lot more destinations involved.

Many people who want to get married, don't want to have a wedding. Or at least, not a big and expensive wedding. For some, cruises are a means of getting a formality out of the way, and going on a really great holiday at the same time. Many want to avoid the drama of a wedding, some don't want the expense, others just aren't interested.

Another benefit of the wedding cruise is that there is not a lot of hassle involved. A basic cruise package usually includes your ceremony, music, flowers, documentation, and invites, plus a few more things.

cruise ship wedding

You can also add on things like photography if you wish. There is no need to coordinate a whole heap of vendors, shop around for services, or spend months planning for your wedding. When you get married on a cruise, you can just pick out your dress or suit, book, then turn up on the day.

So, maybe wedding cruises are not for everyone. But if you're considering a destination wedding, but just can't decide on a destination, then this might be the alternative you have been looking for.

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