Wedding Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes - What Colour Shadow?

How to do wedding eye makeup for blue eyes, I'm often asked.

Well here goes . . .

All the same rules apply, whatever colour your eyes are, as I explained in how to apply eye makeup.  So, the trick is to find out what colour eyeshadow will enhance your beautiful blue eyes the most.

Try some or all of these ideas and see which ones get you paid the most compliments!

Choose a colour palette for blue eyes and use one or two for a natural day-time look and then add definition with stronger colours in the crease and/or as liner, for a dramatic evening make-up.

Wedding Eye Makeup For Day Time

For day-time colour, to establish the shape of the eye, think about contrasting colours such as taupe, sand or a soft metallic bronze; or draw out the eye's natural colour with blue-grey, violet, or lilac. If your eyes are a very light blue, then keep the colours very soft.

Darker tones to define the shape of the socket, or to use as eye liner, can include copper tones, lavender, mauve, navy or even charcoal to give a smokey eyeshadow for blue eyes look.

Purple and pink shades will also work, as will funky shades like silver, shocking pink or bright aqua. It all depends on what sort of look you want to achieve.

The tip to remember is the darker blue your eyes, the darker shadow you can wear without overpowering them.

These days you certainly don't have to match your shadow colour to your outfit, but I think it is worth bearing this old tip in mind - especially for the office! For example if you are wearing summer bright clothes of orange, yellow, or green, then you might choose bronze and earthy shades of shadow. If your outfit is blue, grey or black, then it might be better playing safe with blue-grey or lavender hues.

You will sometimes hear people say that wedding eye makeup for blue eyes should not include blue shadow. However, I believe you can wear it if you want to, as long as you keep the shadow lighter than the blue of your eyes and apply a thin line of a slightly darker blue close to the lash line. An easy way to do this is simply to wet your eyeliner brush and use the same powder shadow with a wet brush.

However, there are lots of fabulous eyeshadow colours available these days so be adventurous, get to a makeup counter and have fun trying new looks!