Wedding Flower Ideas
How To Be Original

Good wedding flower ideas can really make a difference to the look and feel of your wedding. A lot of the time I find I don't even notice the flowers any more, and I think a lot of other people don't either.

It's not that there is anything wrong with the bouquets that you see at most weddings; it's just that I've seen them a hundred times before. However, every now and then I catch a glimpse of a stunning bouquet that stays in my mind. Having some original wedding flower ideas can change the look and feel of your day, as well as your photos.

Vintage Flower Inspiration

Stunning, yet simple unique is the best approach to a vintage flower. Roses, peonies, irises and hydrangeas all make good choices. For an authentic look, keep your bouquet and buttonholes basic. Have a look at your grandparent's wedding albums, if you can. They were basic back then.

It's only in the last decade or two that flowers have become elaborate. The same rules apply to colours; cream and pale pink look amazing at a vintage wedding as does pale blue and soft, light purples.

Jewelled bouquets are an excellent idea if you want the vintage look, and even better if you want to go flower free. These are made up of vintage and new jewels, buttons, pearls, and other decals, in the shape of a bridal bouquet. The best part is, you can keep them afterwards.

There are also matching buttonholes and other accessories available. These stunning creations are my favourite at the moment; if I had mine again they would be my choice.

Red Wedding Flowers

Red Wedding Flowers

It's hard to look past red roses for romantic wedding flower ideas, of course there are many other choices. Romance is about getting carried away by love, with this in mind, the best romantic bouquets are lush and beautiful. It's alright to have a lot going on if you want the romantic look.

A cascading bouquet is perfect for a romantic-theme. Buttonholes help to create the look, especially if you choose roses in your bouquet, then a simple bud for each of the bridal party boys is all you need.

Why Not Keep it Simple?

Some of the best wedding flower inspirations are the simplest. A few years ago I saw a bride carrying a bright bunch of wildflowers she had picked herself that morning, all she did was tie them with a simple ribbon. Obviously, this only works if you live near a meadow, have green fingers and are in the right season but they are simple stunning flower.

simple stunning wedding flower

Another way to keep your wedding flower ideas simple is to only have one kind of flower in one colour. A bouquet of yellow roses, white orchids, or blue lavender on its own can be quite stunning. You can easily carry this idea across when designing your buttonholes or table decorations.

Simple doesn't have to be boring either. You can go for a wonderful colourful option with multicoloured roses that contrast brilliantly together. Perhaps mix and match the colours with multicoloured, contrasting bridesmaids dresses for a burst of colour, like Lyndsey did in her London wedding.

Original and Unique Wedding Flower Ideas

Flowers can give you an opportunity to play around with your theme. I've seen gothic brides with some unique bouquets, black roses and thorns being the more popular option. I really love the idea of thistles as a bouquet, while prickly, I find them quite beautiful at the same time, which I think is a nice paradox.

Unique Wedding Flowers

If you are looking for something that will stand out, consider a one flower type bouquet such as a daffodil bouquet in spring, bright orange calla lilies, or even sunflowers in late summer. They're bright and beautiful, and are also outside the norm as far as your flowers go.

There is a huge crafty community waiting to be discovered on the internet. If you can imagine an idea for your wedding, there is probably someone out there that is already making it, doing it, or designing it.

Create your own wedding flowers

I think including handmade items in your wedding is a great idea, it's creative and different, and you are also supporting someone's small business. Some of the really great ideas on these kinds of sites that I've seen have included bouquets made of felt, fabric, and jewels. Some are made with fun in mind, others are simply stunning and very eye-catching. It's certainly well worth exploring.

Floral Free Weddings

Wedding Flower Ideas

You don't have to have flowers as your wedding flowers! Instead, you could carry a bouquet of feathers, ribbons, berries, or even a fabric bouquet. If you don't like flowers, don't have them just because you feel you should.

There is no reason why you can't walk down the aisle with free hands, or even carrying a gorgeous handbag. This is great alternative option to wedding flower ideas, particularly if you or someone in the bridal party has an allergy to flowers.

Ideas for Wedding Flowers

Crazy About Blue Flowers
Blue flowers bring a bright spark of fun and creativity to your celebration, no matter what your style.

Blooming Delightful Summer Wedding Flowers
Whether it's your bouquet, ceremony, or reception decorations, summer flowers are a way of bringing a bit of beauty to your wedding.

Silk Wedding Flowers
Before you write off silk flowers as something tacky, you should actually look at some of the silk flowers available today.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas
Finding bouquet ideas outside of the traditional is a great way to add your own style to your ceremony.

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