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Finding wedding food ideas and inspiration is not as simple as it sounds. What did you eat at the last wedding you went to? Chicken or beef with a few veggies? Cold finger food that had been in the deep freezer for too long? Was it simply so boring you can't remember?

Okay to be fair, food catering for a wedding is not easy or cheap, but that does not mean that the food you serve up needs to be bland and forgettable. Food is a big part of life, so let your wedding reflect this.

Original Wedding Food Ideas

If you're stuck for wedding food ideas, why not simply take inspiration from your own diet? What foods do you and your partner love? Is there a special meal or dessert you once shared that has a significance?

If you're vegetarians, serve up a feast of the dishes you love. If your having a Indian wedding then and serving Indian food, then its curries and naan bread for everyone.

You don't have to limit yourself to three courses served on white china on your special day. Weddings are about bringing people together, so why not serve your food in a style where everyone around the table helps themselves? Think Spanish tapas or a Greek meze style meal.

Don't be afraid to outsource your wedding food. There are plenty of caterers out there, all offering different styles (and prices).

Look hard to find a catering company that will serve the food you want, and don't be bullied by a venue into using the company they make the most profit out of.

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Recently I went to a wedding where a huge banquet of Nepalese food was served, meze style. The couple in question loved Nepalese so much they found a women's cooking group who agreed to cater for the event. The food was great, it suited the style and theme of the wedding, and they were supporting a community group.

Some of the best weddings I have been to have been the simplest. The more taffeta and tulle, the more uptight and formal everyone acts, in my experience. Sometimes food that's less formal can bring people together more.

For instance a stand-up cocktail reception, where there is enough for everyone to eat as much as at a sit-down dinner makes for a much more social environment where people can chat and circulate while they eat.

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Everyone loves a good meal at the pub, why not serve it up to your wedding guests? Meals like bangers and mash, fish and chips, or simply pie and mash can work just as well at a wedding as they do in the pub. Of course, your food doesn't have to be cheap or tacky, serve it up with a little bit of style and it will go down aa a treat.

Wedding Food Ideas to Fit Your Theme

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Reception food shouldn't just taste great, they should look great too. Using some simple and creative ideas, your food can complement the style of your special day.

If vintage is a big inspiration to your wedding theme, then why not have an afternoon tea party? Serve your guests coffee, tea, and juices, or punch and Pimms. Have a good selection of cakes, biscuits and scones, and don't forget the jam and cream.

These days you can find vintage crockery which can make your tea party food display look like a form of art and create real centrepiece. This works well with an early afternoon ceremony, you could host it in a local park (with permission), or simply in your own back garden.

For those with an inclination to a Rockabilly wedding then let the diners of the 1950's be your food inspiration. Serve up American-style burgers and fries. Drinks could be poured into tall soda glasses and desserts could be ice cream sundaes.

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Going for a goth wedding theme? Keep your food rich and dark; a pig on a spit, then black forest cake for dessert. Decorate your dishes, dye your food and wash it down with rich red wine a la a Heston Blumenthal feast and your guests will well and truly be wowed.

There is plenty of good inspiration around for original wedding food ideas, but if I had my time again I couldn't go past the idea of tapas. Tasting a little bit of everything and sharing with family and friends fits in perfectly with the idea of a wedding.

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