Wedding hairstyles
which to choose?

There will always be some wedding hairstyles that are easier to do on your type of hair than others.

Saying that, hairdressers and creative hair stylists can do a great deal to overcome some of your hair's characteristics and give you the bridal style of your dreams.

When choosing wedding hair styles, there are various considerations to take into account.

Quantity Of Hair Will Effect The Wedding Hairstyles Available To You

Thick hair can be made thinner, if you like, with careful cutting - or else the thickness can be used to full effect for luxuriant curls or chunky short cuts.

If your hair is not very thick, it can be given the appearance of more body with the careful use of professional products like mousses, as well as good blow-drying. You can also use hair pieces and extensions, straight or curled, to add volume and/or length to your own hair.

Hair Texture

Is your hair course or fine or somewhere in the middle? Course hair can be smoothed down with conditioners and, for most wedding hairstyles, a strong spray will hold it in place.

Fine hair can actually be given extra body by some of the chemicals used in colourants - because they fatten each hair a little by lifting the keratin scales on the hair. Ask your hairdresser about this possibility well in advance of your wedding - we don't want any freaky colour disasters to deal with on the day!

Fine hair usually tends to be very straight as well but we can use gels and mousse, as well as rollers, to give your crowning glory more ooomph!

Hair Formation

Something that cannot be changed is your hair's formation as it grows because that depends on the shape of your hair follicles. However, as you know, the hair shafts themselves can be altered by perming, straightening etc.

If your hair is very straight and smooth you might want to play on that and choose a wedding style that relies on the perfect lie of every hair.

If your hair is wavy or curly, you can either emphasize this feature or play it down. Blow-drying and professional products can be used to make sure it waves just the way you want it to, rather than at random.

Shape Of Your Face

Face shapes are bound to influence the choice of wedding hairstyles. Your aim will generally be to play down some features and emphasise others, so that your face looks balanced.

If your face is square or rectangular you should look at styles that detract from the angles. Wispy fringes, curls and waves around the ears will soften the lines.

Give more height to a round face with fullness at the crown or create more length by letting hair drop to shoulder-level or further.

If your face is long, then a style that adds width will suit you best. Avoid long, straight hair or any styles that add height to the crown.

For a diamond shaped face, sleek hair ending in shoulder-length waves or a style with fullness on the crown will be the most flattering.

An oval face is the perfect shape for any style. Lucky you! Keep your hair style simple so that it doesn't detract from the good balance of your features.

Of course, when choosing from wedding hairstyles, your own preference for long, half-up/half-down or updos will also come into the reckoning.  If you have a very elaborate dress, you might prefer to keep your hair simple with a layered style.

Your stature is another consideration. If you are tall and big-boned, a sleek updo might make your head look small in proportion to the rest of your body. Conversely, if you are petite and small-boned, a thick curly hair extension could make you look top heavy.

Start getting your hair in tip top condition as soon as it is possible, if money is an issue, there are some home remedies of items that may be in your fridge.