Wedding Hand Exercises
Give your hands and nails regular care and attention

Wedding hand exercises, hand massage and a nail manicure will all help make you proud to flash those rings!

First of all get into the habit of using hand cream every time you wash your hands and use gloves whenever possible for wet or mucky jobs.

Leave some beside the washbasin, on your desk and in your car as a reminder. Leave one beside the bed too and apply at night when the cream has several hours to work on the softness of your hands.

Every time you apply cream you are massaging your hands. This action stimulates the blood flow to the skin which is as important as the moisturising quality of the cream itself.

While you're watching TV, treat your hands to a full-scale massage

  1. Warm your hands by shaking them gently
  2. Apply cream to palms and rub in well
  3. Rub the cream into the backs - generally the driest part
  4. Imagine you are putting on gloves and work down each finger slowly
  5. Concentrate on the joints and the sides of the fingers
  6. Massage the whole of the hands with smooth downward movements from the fingers to the wrists
  7. Relax your hands and feel the tension easing from them

Now Do These Wedding Hand Exercises

  • Clench both fists tightly, hold for a second and then open your fingers as wide as possible. Repeat 6 times.
  • Put your hands, palms down, in front of you with the fingers straight and pressed together. Then spread your fingers as wide as possible. Repeat 6 times.
  • Dangle your hands loosely from your wrists. Keep them relaxed and limp and lift them up and down from the wrists. Repeat 6 times.
  • Stretch your arms out in front of you and rotate your wrists clockwise and then anticlockwise. Repeat 6 times.
  • Spread your fingers and, using your thumbs, make a wide circling movement. Repeat using each finger in turn.
  • Drum your fingers on your desk or table as if you were playing the piano.

Repeat these exercises whenever you think about it - as often as possible.

Nail Care

A nail grows at the rate of about 2mm per month and can take more than six months to grow from root to tip. Therefore, to get your nails in tip-top condition, you need to start NOW!

Any treatment to improve the condition of your nails will only show results gradually.

Look after your nails in the following ways:

  • Don't bite them! Don't nibble them!
  • Clean your nails gently every day
  • Don't pick your cuticles and treat them carefully or you may damage the entire nail
  • Manicure them yourself regularly
  • Stimulate blood flow by buffing regularly with a soft nail buffer (must be soft or you will wear down the layers)
  • Eat a healthy diet including B vitamins and zinc

So include wedding hand exercises early in your wedding routine.