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Your wedding interlude songs will be playing during the lighting of the unity candle, the rose presentation, or any other type of special transitional period you may have during your ceremony. Interludes are typically short, so long songs are not recommended (unless you're planning to cut it short).

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Traditional/Classical Interlude Songs

Arioso From Cantana BWV 156
Artist: Johann Bach
Genre: Classical

Soft melodies fit the general theme for wedding interlude songs - Arioso is a classical piece that fits this perfectly. Many classical songs can be shortened without any real notice in change from beginning to end.

Prelude No. 1 in C Major
Artist: Johann Bach
Genre: Classical

From "The Well-Tempered Clavier", Prelude No.1 is another soft, classical piece that fits well with any interlude transitional period for the ceremony. The series has many other pieces that you may be interested in - this one is just a personal favorite.

Consolation No. 3 in D-Flat Major
Artist: Franz Liszt
Genre: Classical

The Consolations are solo piano pieces by Franz Liszt. Again, these types of pieces are easily shortened in order to meet your timing needs for the interlude.

Amazing Grace (Instrumental)
Artist: Various
Genre: Christian Hymn, Classical Era

While not traditionally considered classical, Amazing Grace (in it's various varieties) is a wonderful song to compliment an interlude. We've chosen instrumental for the fact that this song's lyrics may not translate well to an interlude transition.

Ode To Joy (Violin)
Artist: Beethoven
Genre: Classical

Traditionally played on a piano, Ode To Joy sounds much softer and calming when played on strings.  Many versions of this piece has been played in modern film and television.

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Solo Guitar)
Artist: Johann Bach
Genre: Classical

Even if the theme of your ceremony music is classical, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring sounds very unique and beautiful on a guitar. To us, the guitar version feels lighter and suits the interlude better than the traditional version.

Contemporary Interlude Songs

From This Moment On
Artist: Shania Twain
Genre: Country Pop, Adult Contemporary
Release: 1998

"From this moment, life has begun. From this moment, you are the one." Perfect lyrics for wedding interlude music. Shania Twain provides beautiful vocals in this well-known 90's love song.

River Flows in You
Artist: Yiruma
Genre: New Age Instrumental
Release: 2001

Yiruma is an extremely gifted South Korean pianist. River Flows in You is one of his most famous pieces and is a PERFECT interlude choice for someone looking for an unforgettable piano solo.

My Beloved
Artist: Kari Jobe
Genre: Worship Music
Release: 2009

A recent release by Kari Jobe, which held a peak number 3 position on Billboard Christian Albumns chart. A Spanish version is also available.

Princess Bride
Artist: Roy Todd
Genre: Miscellaneous Instrumental
Release: 2012

Growing in popularity for weddings, Princess Bride is a beautiful piano piece that would work well for any interlude. The album from which this song is from, "The Wedding Bride's Piano", has a wide variety of piano-based melodies that would work well for many portions of your ceremony.

Here We Stand
Artist: T Carter Music
Genre: Christian, Country
Release: 2014

Certainly a more unique song compared to the rest on this list. T Carter Music specializes in "wedding music", so many of their songs are purposefully perfect for a ceremony - this one is a personal favorite of their collection.

Bless The Broken Road
Artist: Rascall Flatts
Genre: Country
Release: 2004

This song was originally written by Marcus Hummon, but the Rascal Flatt's version is by far the most successful and popular - it was #1 on the Billboard country music charts in 2005. As romantic country songs go, this is definitely worth consideration for your ceremony.

At Last
Artist: Beyonce
Genre: Soul Blues
Release: 2008

A very familiar song by Etta James - Beyonce adds a contemporary and refreshing twist to the classic with her cover. This song was included on the soundtrack for the film Cadillac Records which released in 2008. The lyrics and melody of this song are very appropriate for an interlude.

Love Story
Artist: Taylor Swift
Genre: Country Pop
Release: 2008

Taylor Swift claims she gained inspiration for this song from Romeo and Juliet - but added a "happy" ending for the song. This song was an instant hit upon its 2008 release and reached #4 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Artist: Bryan Adams
Genre: Soft Rock
Release: 1991

Seven whole weeks at the #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100 - this very popular 90's song has powerful lyrics and lulling melody that's perfect for an interlude. The song was released for the soundtrack of the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

The Wedding Song
Artist: Paul Stookey
Genre: Folk
Release: 1969

Obviously titled to fit the occasion, The Wedding Song has been used in many weddings throughout the last few decades. Stookey wrote this song paraphrasing the text of Genesis 2:24.

I'll Always Be Right There
Artist: Bryan Adams
Genre: Soft Rock
Release: 1997

Bryan Adams has a knack for producing tear-jerkers, and this song is no exception. The lyrics and tone for this song make it another great fit for any interlude playlist.

A Moment Like This
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Genre: Pop, Adult Contemporary
Release: 2002

Kelly Clarkson sang this song as her final performance with heavy emotion after the announcement that she had just won American Idol: Season 1. The song topped the charts and is very recognizable even over a decade later. 

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