Wedding Invitation Ideas

With hundreds of invitation sellers around wedding invitation ideas are two a penny. A quick search on Mother Google and you'll find lots, and I mean, lots of companies selling invitations that really are very similar, with little to differentiate them.

There are a few invite companies that really do stand out from the crowd though, who are doing something different and who are based in the UK, anyway, we'll get to them in a minute.

I love paper and I'm definitely into my paper design. I'm not that great at it, but I can master the basics of Photoshop. Given the chance again, I'd design and make my own invitations and get them printed. That way, I'd get exactly what I want in wedding stationery and of course, they'd be superb!

I'm always trailing the paper blogs for inspiration and new finds. I struggle to find great sources of inspiration from blogs in good old Blightly, so I tend to look further afield for inspiration and with a handy RSS reader, you can bring those ideas straight into your front room, or wherever your computer sits. Here's a sampler...

They're all uniquely designed invitations and a treat for the eyes. For me that's what makes these invitations great. They're personal and take onboard an element of the couple's personality, or how they met or their wedding theme. They're very creative invitations and unique to the couple in question.

But where can you find such invitations in good old Blighty? When you start to hunt for your invitations, you have to trawl through too much ribbon, feathers and stick-on gems that make the invitations look just a little bit too 'handmade' or 'homemade'.

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

You will be relieved to hear though, that there are several wonderful companies that produce original wedding invitation ideas, including delightful letterpress printed stationery with fantastic designs as well as vintage style invitations. The invitation wording is playful and clever, beautifully set with lovely typography and general all round great design. A nice and welcome change in the cookie-cutter world of weddings.

We all know that invitations set the tone of the wedding. They give your guests an inference of what your wedding is going to be about, the style of it and the level of formality. For me, invitations are hugely important and it's these little details that can make all the difference to your special day. Well, that and great photography!

Wedding Invitation Ideas

wedding stationery

wedding stationery

wedding stationery

There are several great small invitation specialists offering a gorgeous array of invitations. Most of them are willing to create bespoke designs to your requirements or simply tinker with an existing design. All you've got to do is ask and since they're generally lovely people, they'll happily come up with wedding invitation ideas that suit your theme, you as a couple or your style perfectly; or you could simply choose one of their own designs. ( is also a great place to find these types of designers).

So the next time you're looking for wedding invitation ideas, don't be afraid to discuss what you're looking for with the designer. More than likely, they'll be willing to customise a design or even create a bespoke design for your big day. You will get what you want for your invitations and you will be pleased.

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